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Expert recommends that you make your first trip to your country of residence. You will thus avoid the bad surprises related to the code of the road and the signaling. Camps also offer motorhome rentals worldwide. Find out about the country of destination’s travel code if you choose to stay abroad. The use of motorhome hire is essential here.

Remember to bring a road map in addition to GPS. Maps of remote areas are not always up-to-date in navigation systems. Nothing beats a good road map if you do not want to land in the middle of a field. The ideal, during a first trip, is to plan a route by identifying campsites and motorhome areas. It is advisable to inquire upstream on the price of parking. A few places are however free.

motorhome hire

We advise a guide to private and free parking in which you will find a list of locations in vineyards, inns and farms. The advice of our subscribers: Keep in mind the dimensions of the vehicle. You will avoid unpleasant surprises when going under a tunnel or on a bridge.

Children and pets

Choose a spacious motorhome if you are traveling with children. If the living space is too small, you may walk on it and create unnecessary tension. Choose also the vehicle according to the number of beds. Vehicles with bunk beds or nasturtiums are perfect for children. Children are bored quickly on the road. Carry board games and cards to keep them occupied while traveling. Your dog is also welcome on board. By selecting Pets Allowed, you will find all vehicles that accept pets.

Rent a motorhome in the USA is the guarantee to live at your own pace while enjoying the diversity and beauty of the landscape offered by the country. With a motorhome (van or camper van), you can get close to the wonders of the American nature such as the legendary Route 66 or the Colorado Rockies. Of course, you can do the same thing by car and, as a bonus sleep in motels like in American series and movies.

Tips for starting a motorhome in the United States

Before leaving for a motorhome stay in the United States, it is good to know some basic rules such as parking.

After you arrive in a city in the United States check which places are prohibited or allow the parking of motor homes. For example, it is not always allowed to park a motorhome in the streets of a city center. However, some car parks or rest areas allow motorhomes to stop for the night. In some places, if you opt for the rental of a motorhome in the US, you will also have to park on places intended for large vehicles.

This is the case of parking lots of major attractions or national parks such as La Vallée Death or Yosemite. In the evening, you will be required to spend a night in a campground, wild night parking is prohibited in the United States. It is advisable to book a location a few months before your departure. In the United States, you will find public campsites and private campsites. Plan a budget of about 20 dollars, excluding the cost of the electrical hook-up, in a public camping and 40 dollars (36.25 euros) in a private campsite.

Hope that this advice has helped you prepare for your first camper trip. We wish you a good holiday on the road.