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If you already have a design on the left and you have to move to the right, then it will be aesthetically the most beautiful thing to align with the brand logo, the pocket, on the left so that both sides are at the same height. With the use of Textildruck you can have all the supports.


There are many tools for sale to help you align your law. So you have a special slat with perpendicular crossbar on it that you can align at the top on the neckline. Then you center the perpendicular crossbar to determine the center. That sounds very handy of course, but you have to raise the bar again to put the design under it.

The carrier of your flex is usually slightly adhesive to hold the design in place with the result that it is also so difficult to shift it gets under the bar to position it an inch more left or right. The bar is also over the middle, so you can’t mark on the middle with tailor’s chalk and then remove the bar to continue from there. The idea with the 2 parallel lines on the work table, actually works according to the same system, but without having to purchase an expensive thing for it and you can at least mark your item directly in the middle. You can already hear it: personally tested and certainly not found to be time-saving!

Perhaps a handy kind of drawing triangle with size indications on for positioning breast logos


You place this both at the top of the neck and at the bottom of the armpit on the right clothing size and the tip of the right angle is then the center of the design. A personal disadvantage of this is that we prefer to measure from the center to the side instead of from the armpit. This makes it easier to adjust according to the article. With a polo shirt, for example, you measure from the center of the button row and with a shirt with a low cut at the armpit, your accessory does not reach the seam of the armpit, so you have to guess whether it is right. Sometimes you also work on the other side of the chest because the left is already occupied and then you also start to use the existing logo to align instead of this accessory.

The Laser Pointers

Laser pointers or lights are even more advanced. This firstly requires some adjustment work and will therefore only save time if you actually have to print at least 20 of the same shirts and secondly you have to be very careful that you do not accidentally bump into your table or that your press does not move, because then the laser will be short deviated well.

Here too we never had the feeling that this should be purchased urgently for the transfer press and that this would save a lot of time. The embroidery machines do have laser pointers by the way and this is all nice and well, but it never remains 100% exactly right, so in the end there is always marked & then a wire cut done before the start to be 100% sure that it is exactly on is in the middle (for non-embroiderers: with a thread cut, the machine makes 1 stitch on the spot and then cuts the ends so that you can see very precisely whether the needle goes perfectly through the marked center).