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In this world, not every country has more expensive properties. In that case, Monaco is one the country which holds a most expensive place in the world to become a real estate agent. Just selling empty land is not only the meaning of a real estate agent. For example inside Monaco if you want to buy a property like free land or else a complete apartment then you should pay nearly one million dollars to own just one hundred and seventy-two square feet of property. wikiland.vn  is like an online real estate site where else if you want to get some ideas about a property related queries then this site employers help you by guiding with good lands around Vietnam.


After the rise of 1968 to 2000 until 2010 the cost of the properties does not differ as much. Even if you get this situation back then by renting the house of land you can earn a little bit of cash in-between the rising duration. When you rent your property you can make sure that after the completion of twenty to thirty years the rent should pay off your investment. In case if you got set up with the renting business then this might be a good idea to continue the same and the house can be sold out to the renting person for a proper price while you are searching for a valid amount.

Do the real estate businesses need maintenance and renovation works?

Once you have completed all of the documentation works to buy an apartment then the work will not be over just by completing it because only after as an owner you will be having some regular works. For example, even in our house if we fail to sweep the room it looks so uglier, like the same the apartment should also have some maintenance and renovation works. But still, now most of the people do not have a care in their rented property. So as a landowner the house should be renovated more often than if you would have stayed by yourself, in other words, the amount that you have invested in real estate will never be paid off to you in return.

How much a block costs from wikiland real estate agent?

Here we are going to see some of the property refurbishment tips and how to manage your real estate business properties clean and respective. So every customer when they visit their new apartment first they would look at the neatness and the presentation of the house. Most of the real estate owners are wasting their valuable time in sending with the renovation process. For example, they do not have a previous plan to complete their work. If you see in wiki land they have more than three branches around Vietnam, but it costs different from each. An apartment which is located in thoi, Phu cost up to nine billion for a single unit, then another real estate which is located in Bai Truong cost up to seventy-nine billion. This is one of the costlier apartments while comparing to the other parts.