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Why are these valves used for oil and gas industry?

It is a device which is designed in a spherical closure unit that has a port that provides on/off control of any fluid. The most forms of ball valves are available as a quarter-turn valve which are very reliable and used as a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball with bubble-tight sealing that has full control on the flow of any oil or gas application within the pipeline. As these two fluids are highly corrosive, there is a great need to install such valves which are helpful to lock the leakage when tight shutoff is necessary as it has round closure element that perfectly matches with rounded seats to seal it tightly without any pressure drop. Hence, they are best used in the oil and gas market as this valve has a gate (ball) which closes across the flow.

ball valves

What makes this valve a big hit in the market?

The primary purpose of this valve is to have full control of large flows of fluids or gases. Even though it has its advantages and disadvantages, it is successfully used for many application and markets. It is best known as a quarter turn operated valve. This valve is mainly designed in four types according to construction and purpose. They are namely fully welded, split body, end-entry, and top-entry.

These kinds of valves are commonly used to regulate the process of fluids such as steam, water, oil, gas, air, and other corrosive liquids as its seat are made up of soft materials like plastic or metal to shutoff applications. In that way, there is no contact between the valve mechanism and fluid carried as this valve having a hole that is present in-line with fluid flow in open state which allows the fluid to pass through it and when it is closed it stops the flow automatically.

Most of its valves are standard designed that consists of special stop measures aligned in 90-degree rotation, and few are set with 360-degree rotation. Due to its shutoff application, they are highly reliable valves that come with air-tight sealing even when in closed condition thus makes them a notable industrial choice to carry potent industrial gases or chemicals.

The central port is aligned up in the same direction as the pipeline, which allows the fluids and gas to flow through. Hence due to its compact design, it is widely accessible through the world as it requires no lubrication and less maintenance but still offers the users tight sealing with minimal pressure drop. It is a fact that they are cost-effective but inferior for throttling services as the valve gets quickly erode.

Slowly and steadily, they gained popularity across a range of applications and market. Hence today they are a big success in many industrial and manufacturing sectors, residential uses, natural gas, oil, and chemical storage as they are least expensive.


Any valve has its characteristic features, which make it unique from others. Leverage this valve that is a big hit in most of the industrial and manufacturing sectors along with residents to pass through the pipeline with shutoff application. It is the thus ideal choice to free flow the oil, natural gas, and other chemicals in an airtight mechanism or process with minimal pressure drop.