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Indian weddings are incomplete without jewelry shopping. The major share of the wedding budget goes for jewelry shopping.  Be it a grand wedding or wedding with closed one’s jewelry always brings joy to the bride as it has numerous collections, patterns, and styles available in the market. Apart from getting overwhelmed with the designs and patterns focus must be emphasized on the quality of the jewelry as well. The same goes with Next Amy jewelry

Next Amy jewelry

Factors to be noted while purchasing  

Occasions are big and people must be careful and cautious while buying jewelry. The prime thing needs to be done in planning the budget. Marriages are the occasions where people overspend. They must plan a budget for buying gold and must try to the max to stick to the budget. It is better to buy what the bride like instead of designs recommended by family or friends. Always choose designs that can be worn on regular basis and for occasions as well.  The old gold which is given by the grandmother or mother can be exchanged to save money and to stick to the budget. It will bring a smile to your mom’s face.

Quality standards:  Blindly investing money will never be fruitful. The quality plays a major role in everything. The same goes for jewelry as well. Check the quality of the gold while buying it. The gold quality is determined by karat and the higher the karat indicates the purity of the gold. Karat indicates the amount of gold mixed with other metals. They must check whether they have any allergic reactions by wearing the gold due to the mixture of certain ornaments. Few brides get allergic reactions which lead to blackening of the metal. This will also spoil the mood of the bride.

Custom made Jewelry:  weddings in India are different. Numerous collections and varieties are available in the market. All the patterns and designs will be available in the market including temple designs and Meenakari patterns and numerous designs to choose from. Bridal collection is considered more as personal collection less than an investment. Importance is given more to style and patterns. Today the brides are showing much interest in handcrafted jewelry. Today the trend is mostly on custom made jewelry. There is a misconception that the custom-made jewelry is more expensive however that is not true, and the custom-made jewelry can be bought at a reasonable price.

Diamonds and stones: While buying diamonds and stones buy authentic ones after testing the diamond color, cut, clarity and carat. The price of the diamond is determined based on color, clarity, and cut. So, the test must be done to ensure the authenticity of the diamond. Fog and sandpaper test can also be done to check the purity of the diamond. While looking for gemstones opt for a faceted gemstone that gives out a brilliant shine under light. It is better to avoid buying lab-made stones. Even though the lab-made stones are less expensive they lack the clarity which is present in the natural stones. To check the purity of the stones place them under magnificent glass and check whether there are any scratches available in the stones. The bride can also check with the dealers about the cleaning methods to maintain the ornaments.