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It is very common to give the tip amount for each and service worker to express the gratitude along with the money. The tip amount is the amount that is added to the total amount of the bill. The tip amount will directly reach the hands of the workers, and so it is straightforward to give the amount as a tip to the workers. Usually, the tip amount will be given to the people who serve the people in various restaurants and hotels. The tip amount will be an extra amount to the service workers who do all the service to us tipcalculator.org gives you more information on tipping.

The tip amount can be easily calculated by fixing a percentage of the amount. Usually, people will set some rates for tipping. The interest in tipping can be from 10% to 20% of the total amount of the bill. This percentage of the amount will be given directly into the hands of the service workers. This tip percentage can vary from place to place regarding the low-class hotels or the high-class sophisticated hotels. This amount will be an extra amount for the service workers who will be given a very minimum salary in terms of their work. As the wage will not be sufficient for sure, people will help them by providing the tip amount for their kind service.

Some Common Percentages of Tipping:


The number of tips can be easily obtained through some simple mental calculations. The percentage of the tip amount which has to be paid must be fixed. Then the person after getting the total bill amount, he can easily calculate it. Each and every bill will contain the amount in the decimal form as the paise is included in the amount. So, one can easily move the decimal pointer to one digit on the left side for calculating 10% of the total bill amount. In case, if the person needs to give the worker 20% of the bill amount, the person can simply as mentioned above calculate the 10% of the bill amount first. Then he can multiply the amount which has been gained earlier by two. This will give him the tip amount for 20% of the bill amount.

In case, if the person is wishing to give 15% of the total amount of the bill, then he can just calculate the 10% of the bill amount first, then can divide the amount by two and add it to the 10% of the amount. These three percentages of the amount are usually used in tipping the service workers. More than this mind calculation, there are many tipping calculators, from which one can calculate the money exactly. If it is a single person paying the entire bill then the simple mind calculation is enough, in case if there are many persons to share the bill then the applications will be more helpful. The calculator apps will give the tip amount after dividing the total share of the number of persons joined in the dinner. The total bill amount and the tip amount will be equally shared by the calculator and the amount per head will be shown as a result.