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Rockville is a city in Maryland with a population of around 70,000 people. Rockville is one of the oldest towns in Maryland, created in 1801 by the Maryland General Assembly. In Rockville, there are many roofing contracting companies. Roofing contractors are construction workers who specialize in replacing, repairing, and installing roofs in buildings. There are many types of roofing contractors like the Hernandez Roofing Pros Rockville MD who use different materials in building their roofs. Many contractors specialize in one type of roof, like solar, slate, or metal. Most roofing contractors offer two main types of services: roof replacement and roof repair. One example of a roofing contractor company in Rockville who does these services is the Hernandez Roofing Company, who are headquartered in Rockville. Most roofing companies offer warranties and free estimates to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, most roofing contracting companies in Rockville, Maryland end up branching off to other services to stay competitive. For example, one company may start of as roofing contractors but then branch out to other services, like solar panel installation and window repair so that they can bring in customers using one service and then get those customers to use other services. These new customers then become return customers, who help bring in other customers and buy other services.

Hernandez Roofing Pros Rockville MD


Roof Replacement

A roof can be replaced easily even if there are many shingles already present on the roof. It involves tearing off all that is present and replacing it with shingles and new felt paper. There is a lot of labor involved in this process; (i.e. tearing the roof down, and then building it back up), roof replacement is often much more expensive than other options, including re roofing and roof repair. A benefit of roof replacements is that you can do it at any point in time. Generally, you should carry out a roof replacement whenever there is more than one layer of shingle on the roof. It can also be done if there are problems suspected roof deck. A roof replacement is always the best answer if the shingles and roof are in very poor shape, as all the issues can be addressed easily without having to cover it up. Generally, roof replacement is considered to be a long lasting and safe option by most roofing contractors.


Roof Repair

Roof repair is done by people called roofers, who are defined as people who construct or repair roofs. It is popularly considered that roof repair should only be done if it is done often. For example, if there is a roof that has not been repaired for one year, a roof repair would be acceptable. On the other hand, if there was a roof that had not been repaired for five or ten years, a roof repair would not be the best idea as that would not fully solve the problem. Furthermore, roof repair should only be used in fixing small problems, like fixing shingles or adding them to the roof. However, if a shingle went lose and the roof absorbed some moisture in the form of rain or other types of water, roof replacement would most likely be the only solution depending on the damage.