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An Ad blocker in Chrome is an extension for the google chrome, firefox or other web browsers and is suitable for all kinds of desktops, laptops and mobiles. They are the browser extensions which remove the blinking or flashing ads and give you the actual web content you are looking for. Users who are using latest versions of Chrome browser on Android, Linux, Mac OS and Windows have several types of ads blocked automatically by Adblocker Chrome. Installing this helps the users to stay away from unrelated, disturbing ads.


But when you look in a broad perspective online ads are considered to be very important. They provide most of the revenue required to support online content. Generally the publishers, who create and maintain websites, depend a lot on advertising to sustain their business. But too many ads in a web page may really be distracting. So a website owner or designer must be smart enough to set some reasonable limits to the number and Quality of ads displayed on their sites. Crafting great and creative ads that attract the users will be appealing to the users and give them some great experience. Ads which are Non-intrusive and less bombarding have more appeal to the users and avoid the need of ad blockers. Filters that are designed to block ads allow users to add subscriptions from a list of recommendations given in the “Filter Lists” tab of the AdBlock options page. Thereby the user can choose to view ads of their interest.

Types of Adblock Software – How do they Help?

There are different types of adblocker software. You can use these softwares for laptops, desktops, tablets or even your smart phones. These softwares work as stand-alone programs or customized services or extensions with an operating system. The benefit of adblocking software is wide-ranging. They help the web browser to block ads and give a sooth surfing experience to its users. The adblocker uses some specific rules to filter unrelated ads from the main content. Users also have an option to customize or specify rules according to their needs so as view ads of their choice and block ads which they don’t need. These adblockers block ads like sticky ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, pop-ups, or auto-playing videos or audios. With constant increase in the number of users, there is a great increase in number of people who advertise their business online. Users may not find these ads helpful and thus they choose to install an adblocker.

Ad Block to improve security

One of the major reasons to block ads is to improve online security. Online advertisements may subject its users to a high risk of infection from Malwares and Viruses. People are also worried about misuse of their personal information which is confidential. Websites always monitor their users and their online activities so that they can deliver appropriate ads to the users. This raises questions over the privacy of users. Ad blockers stop these ad servers from tracking all personal information and thereby give its users the much needed personal space.