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You can be sure that the ordered windows are quality goods that not only fit into your home but also meet all the requirements for a modern, safe and high-quality window. A good window maker comes to you for the extent, orders the windows 100% fit and builds them with a warranty. Please do not fall for supposedly cheap windows. So you really want to be sure that the window will fit later, you should rely on the expertise of a window manufacturer for the german tilt and turn windows . Did you know that window manufacturers can obtain new windows on better terms than you?

Ask for references

You have a selection of window builders available and are still not sure which window builder you should give the contract? Then ask for references. A good and serious craftsman will proudly give you some references. If you wish, you can also ask him about former clients and see if they have been satisfied with the work they have done. Do not be shy, a good company will be happy to give you information. Of course, you can also contact us at any time and ask us about one of our window manufacturers. Many customers contact us after work and report about the work is done.

Specific offer & contract

german tilt and turn windows

Now it is almost done. You have already discussed all the details with the window manufacturer and the offer is almost complete? Please be sure to record all agreements in writing. The specific offer should include a detailed statement of costs, which in addition to the work, includes material costs and the travel allowance. And most importantly, please clarify whether your offer is a binding cost estimate. This is important so that the costs do not skyrocket during execution. The contract you sign after that should be based on the specific cost estimate. The financing, as well as the procedure in any dispute and liability issues,  should be clearly clarified.

Detailed invoice

In order to be able to settle your remedial work properly and to have written a proof of the work done by the window maker, you urgently need a detailed bill showing the labor costs and material costs separately. In fact, you can partially deduct labor costs from the tax. For this, it is important that the items are listed individually.

Pay attention to the schedule

Of course, a timeline is important for your window project. After all, the weather or other trades take no account of a delayed schedule and left-over work. Therefore, in the contract you should make with the window maker, it should be noted exactly when work on your window project begins and when it should be completed. And please remember that due to the weather conditions, the window business is a seasonal business and window manufacturers often have their hands full, especially in spring and summer. Please also clarify with the window manufacturer as a precaution what happens if the schedule is not adhered to.

Avoid advance

You should usually avoid paying an advance. Especially when it comes to major renovations, it is precisely determined when which work will be paid. Please always remember to never pay a final bill before the work is completed and you are completely satisfied.