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Playing games is being considered as one of the important works according to today’s world because nearly half of the gamers used to earn while playing or through posting their playing videos in any of the social media. People used to live according to their mindset, if they wish to work for an hour they would work, or else if they wish to play video games they might be playing for the next few hours. And this would be the common and equal thing that happens around us. There are billions of people who are playing video games in this world and some might not be interested to play such video games, few people will not be interested in free games . In this article let us discuss what are the best and active free games that are available on Google.

free games

Playing video games or else real-time games would allow you to experience many different things which cannot be experienced by you in other things. If a person has some pain or hurting personally, he would be depressed and it would take a long time to get out of it, but while sitting alone if the depressed person starts concentrating on playing games, he would get relief sooner. All online games are designed only from the real-time games that we used to play in our small ages. New games are released all time and if the graphics are designed well it will not take much time to attract the players.

How to find the best shooting game?

While seeing about free games, more than eighty percent of games are kept for free and only the remaining twenty percent of games are paid. People who got addicted to the game would invest a valid amount to buy the game to experience it. In nowadays free gaming graphics are equal to the games that are paid for. If you see for an at least there would be more than thousands of games are launched but from the thousands, we could able to play only a few. And the remaining games will not be much user-defined for the players. Now let us start with the planet-side (2), this is one of the shooting games which is launched in the year 2012. Most of the players would be compliant with this game and about its graphics but they do not know its actual feel while playing.

Negative comments for this game would mean that the commentator does not play the entire game and he has played only the starting level. Once the game has been started it mean by thousands of players should be ready to start their game. At the same time, one thousand players are connected and asked to survive inside the game. While playing it gives the exact thrilling effect for the player and also improves the hype in the middle of the game.
This shooting game is available for free at both app and plays stores. Some games will be played at the night time and the remaining time it shows day time. By this, the graphics are created accurately with a fine outlook.