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The mixing valve is also mounted to separate the flow. The need for this arises when it is unacceptable to completely isolate the source circuit, but it is possible to divert the liquid to the return. This option is usually used in the presence of an autonomous boiler room. You should know that vibration and noise may occur with some models. This is due to the inconsistency of flow directions in the pipeline and the mixed product. This may cause pressure on the valve to fall below the permitted value. For the van buom dieu khien khi nen han quoc this is very important.

Installation of the separator

When the temperature of the source is higher than that required by the consumer, a valve separating the streams is included in the circuit. In this case, with a constant flow rate, both in the boiler circuit and at the consumer, the superheated liquid will not come to the last. For the circuit to work, the presence of a pump in both circuits is necessary.

van buom dieu khien khi nen han quoc

Based on the above, we can summarize the general recommendations:

  • Pressure gauges are installed before and after when installing a three-way valve.
  • To prevent any impurities before the product, install the filter.
  • The body of the device must not be exposed to stress.
  • Good control must be ensured by inserting for the valve devices that have throttled the excess pressure.
  • The valve must not protrude above the actuator during installation.

It is also necessary to withstand before the product and thereafter the straight sections recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to comply with this rule entails a change in the technical characteristics stated. The device warranty does not work.

A knot in the heating system is like a thermostatic three-way valve that is necessary but not in all cases. Its presence is a guarantee for the rational use of the coolant, which means that fuel consumption can be used economically. Moreover, it also acts as a device that guarantees the safety of the boiler TT. But before you buy such a device, you must first discuss the feasibility of the installation.

How to choose a three-way valve for underfloor heating and a wood boiler

If you went through this search to this article, you probably already heard about mixing pipe fittings used in heating systems in private homes and apartments. So, without long foreword, we propose to discuss three questions: how does a three-way thermostatic valve work, where should it be installed, and how to choose the right one not to waste extra money.

The principle of operation and types of valves

The task of a three-way valve is to supply water of the required temperature to the mainline by mixing or separating two streams. Accordingly, the element is equipped with three outputs, one of which is always open, and the other two completely or partially overlap each other in the process. Hence the name of the top three ways sometimes they also say three ways, which is not good.

It looks like mixing threads in the product. Pay attention. The heating circulation pump is always installed on the open output side, otherwise, the circuit will not work correctly, about which we wrote earlier in another instruction.