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Chopping down trees As Indian urban areas are becoming on at a high speed, many trees are being chopped during each time to oblige new structures, hoardings, and frameworks. The facts confirm that urbanization is fundamental for social, monetary, and self-awareness, yet there are sure principles laid by the public authority of India concerning chopping down trees, for both private premises and private spots. Because of the obliviousness of these principles, numerous residents are winding up suffering consequences and confronting the results of legal process for removing trees . We should have a glance at the legalities and punishments related to chopping down trees and what steps can be taken then again.

legal process for removing trees

Punishments related to chopping down trees

Side of the road trees according to the Indian Forest Act, each state has set out its standards and guidelines against the felling of trees. However, you might contemplate whether it is needed to bring consent to chop down a tree in your premises.

The appropriate response is ‘yes, because, as indicated by this Act, the punishment for chopping down a tree is Rs.10, 000 or 90 days detainment. There are a few examples announced in which laymen wound up paying Rs.10, 000 as intensifying charge to the backwoods office for chopping down trees in their premises. For chopping down trees that are impeding your direction, whose branches are spreading to your home, or obstructing hoardings, you need to take a leeway from the Forest office. Many individuals, because of their obliviousness of the guidelines are drawing in punishments from the Forest office.

According to the Environment Authority Act, each tree should be relocated and in situations where they can’t immigrate, 5 new saplings should be planted. This is a more grounded act that guarantees that the climate is taken care of in a dependable manner and made up for obliteration.

How do get the consent to chop down trees?

If you wish to chop down a tree that is obstructing your direction, or for some other explanation, you need to present an application to the individual Forest division office, referencing the danger you are confronting, alongside a duplicate of your title deed, or possession declaration and photograph. You would be likewise needed to keep in touch with the organization, to offer freedom to the Forest division. On getting the application, a backwoods official or an official from the Tree Authority will attempt a site examination and all veritable solicitations will be allowed consent.

As indicated by the principles of most urban communities, trees can be cut provided that it makes a danger life or property and it very well may be done solely after getting authorization from the District Forest Officer. In situations where consent isn’t taken, punishments can be forced relying on the worth of the tree, which depends on its age.

Tree authority of India and their job

As per The Maharashtra (Urban Areas), Preservation of Trees Act, 1975, a Tree Authority has been delegated for directing the felling of trees just as establishing new trees. The authority designates ‘tree officials’ in each city who have the obligation of ensuring and saving trees inside their space. As a rule, on getting demands for chopping down trees for large activities, the Tree Authority before long surrendering endorsement will place a public notification in the nearby paper to check whether anybody has any protests. On the off chance that any complaints are raised, the power directs a meeting, for which the choice will go inside about fourteen days.