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Are you looking for an electricity provider that offers retail services in Houston? Here’s where you can find what you’re looking for. Our Houston, Houston electric plans can meet the specific needs of your household. You can choose from a range of plans, including monthly, short-term, long-term, fixed, variable, and prepay plans.

Choosing an electric provider requires consideration of the following factors:

  1. Service area:  Houston is a large state; not every town or city may be served by a retail electric provider.
  2. Price per kilowatt-hour (kWh):  The rate your provider shares is based on the number of kilowatt-hours you consume each month, or kWh.
  3. Fixed-rate plans: A fixed-rate plan locks in your energy cost per unit. It protects against market forces like demand fluctuations from influencing energy prices.
  4. Extra costs and fees:  When signing up for new energy service, you should receive a detailed breakdown of costs and fees. Estimate your monthly electricity costs and compare them to what you’re currently paying so that you have a good idea of what to expect.
  5. Reputation: As with any product purchase, you should do your homework before choosing a Houston electricity supplier.

Switching Houston Electricity Providers

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Review the conditions of your existing contract. You may change your electric retailer operator at any time, but if you do so before your existing contract expires, you could have to pay an early terminating fee (also known as an ETF). Check the initial agreement for seeing when you can choose your service without needing to pay fees.

Analyze your energy requirements. Your household size and residential size will determine how much electricity you use. Other factors, including appliance efficiency, might be more challenging to quantify. To help understand your monthly average utilization, go back and look at your past energy bills. Choosing the ideal electric package for you may be aided by being aware of your energy requirements.

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Types of Energy Plans to Choose:

There are 2 popular categories of energy plans in Houston:

Fixed-rate energy plans:

For the duration of their contract, customers can lock in a fixed price per unit of energy. This means you always pay the same price regardless of how much energy you use. Demand, seasonality, and other factors outside your control may cause price fluctuations. You can protect yourself by enrolling in these plans.

Variable-rate plans:

Variable-rate plans can change the price per kilowatt-hour. When demand is high, such as during a Houston summer, you may have to pay more for power. You may find it difficult to estimate your energy costs when using a variable-rate plan since they usually run month-to-month.


In Houston, electric providers offer several options for their electric plans. An energy fixed-rate plan requires you to sign a contract, so you know what the price per KWH will be every month. Fixed-rate plans are ideal for energy budgeters who want security regarding their energy costs. Variable rate plans are month-to-month without commitment, but they subject to price changes.