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Formerly reserved for striptease clubs, the stripping enters the sex life of more and more couples. And for a good reason a real libido engine, striptease on the strip clubs can raise the desire in a man without it can still act on it, combining the fact of being stripped step by step to a wise choice of clothes and sexy underwear, makeup and music.

And if you started?

Striptease is a passport for excitement

Even if you’re not a professional dancer, undressing on languorous and exciting rhythms (the verb “tease”) reinforces the power of sexual preliminaries that are out of the ordinary and should quickly make your man crazy with desire. Moreover, they are numerous to count the striptease among their fantasies! Striptease works primarily on the willingness and psyche of your partner. He reveals your body by taking his time; note, moreover, that a striptease rarely ends up naked (that’s for the next events), because the goal is to provoke and intensify the male desire.

The different styles of striptease

strip clubs

Even if there are different ways to undress and striptease, remember that in the intimacy of your relationship, it’s envy and involvement that counts, not the fact to be a seasoned professional.

Highly appreciated by different types of people (men and women, for that matter), burlesque stripping is a great success both in clubs and dedicated shows and in the intimacy of the couple.

To suggest without revealing everything, what’s more, exciting than this striptease as erotic as artistic, is that it requires a tailored outfit: sexy lingerie, excellent gloves, shoes with heels, lipstick burlesque is a complete universe. More and more popular, pole dance is this discipline which consists of using a vertical bar to do its striptease. It is now possible to take courses, and even to install a bar at home. This may not be the most recommended technique to get started! If you want to restore the atmosphere of a striptease club, play the dance table which, as its name suggests, consists of undressing and dancing directly at the table of the client to spice up your sex life, nothing prevents you from playing a role and coming to excite your partner in his chair or his chair. For an even hotter option, get into a lap dance, right on your lap. Exciting friction guaranteed.

Should we take striptease classes to get started?

If you want to go to the end of the process and the striptease interests you (and your partner), taking classes is a great idea. It exists in most major cities and on the Internet; some books are also recommended to learn some basic techniques. If you prefer to start without taking classes, this is not a problem! Just do not try too complicated choreography, choose sensual and languorous music, and agree your movements on the rhythms of the latter, removing one by one your clothes under the eyes of your man. Do not forget that confidence in you is paramount, whether you are a beginner or not. As in bed beside, the insurance coupled with a real desire is the key to success.