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If you want to buy a sex toy on the Internet and have never had a love toy in your hand, it is tough to make a choice. The variety of products in online shops today is so great that you can spend hours clicking through the individual categories. To make your purchase more comfortable, our team has put together some items that are particularly suitable for beginners. More excellent options are there here https://www.vuxensaker.se.

Cock rings provide for hard erections

If your partner has problems getting a real stand, you can help with a penis ring. Buying such a sex toy is in many ways the right decision: First, your partner will last longer and experience more intense orgasms. On the other hand, the integrated balls also create an extra kick for the partner. Some men make two rounds in a row with the penis ring attached. Another advantage: when you buy a set you get not just one, but three penis rings, which are structured differently.


Blindfolds: your entry into the bondage world

More and more people buying online sex toys are choosing items from the world of bondage. Eye-patches and bandages are perfect for beginners: they do not cause any pain to the wearer and considerably increase the feeling of pleasure during sex. One of the best selling items in this range is this set, which includes two blindfolds one in silver and one in black. The bandages feel fantastic and are ideal for couples who want to get their first experience with soft bondage. The simplest variant is this blindfold, which can also be used for bondage games. Who wants to buy a sex toy and does not have much money available, is with this product right.

Anatomically shaped butt plugs: for anal adventures

Anyone who wants to buy sex toys on the net and scour the stores’ offers for suitable products sooner or later encounters butt plugs. These toys undoubtedly have their charm – provided they are used so that no pain.

Our tip: Use an anatomically shaped butt plug like this one. Available in three different colours, the Toy is designed to be virtually impossible to hurt during sex. Just take the butt plug in your hand and try it a little preferably with the help of a suitable lubricant. The total length of the S-shaped toy is 12.5 cm, the diameter 2 to 4 cm.

What can love balls do?

A nice side effect to the sexual vibrations: love balls train the pelvic floor muscle because with the tissue you keep the balls in the vagina. This sounds unspectacular, but it is not: With a trained pelvic floor muscle, you can quickly and safely reach the climax. The orgasm gets better. The vagina feels closer to the partner.


Anyone who has previously had problems or pain with the riding position, so you sit with him on sex is helped: If the pelvic floor is too weak, the uterus wanders down and invades the vagina. Then the penis hits the cervix, which can be experienced as painful.