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You ask these questions to the broker. The broker not only has a sales pitch about the house. He or she is also an important source of information, for example about your position as a buyer and the disadvantages of the home. From https://www.brentwoodtnhome.com/ you can have the smartest deals now.

Below you will find a number of important questions to ask during a viewing:

  • How long is the property for sale?
  • Has the seller found another property?
  • Are there other interested people?
  • How is the property maintained?
  • Are there defects and how did they arise?
  • What are the living costs of the current owner?
  • Who lives next to the house?
  • What energy rating does the home have? You can borrow more for an energy-efficient home.

Viewing pitfalls at a house


Viewing a house is not an everyday activity for many. Pay attention to these pitfalls when viewing:

Hurry: the viewing is the moment to view the house inside and out. Take enough time for this. Read our tips for buying on a heated housing market.

Financing: it is no use to view a property that you cannot afford. Calculate your maximum mortgage for your options in advance.

Unprepared: a lot comes your way when buying a home. With good preparation, you will not miss anything. Read our step-by-step plan for buying a house.

Too enthusiastic: you may overlook defects or underestimate them. In addition, it is not good for your negotiating position.

Aggressive real estate agent: don’t let yourself be put under pressure by a real estate agent, for example, to buy the house without reservation of financing or inspection.

Looking for a house or an apartment?

Then you have to check for flaws right down to the smallest crack, otherwise, you run the risk that your purchase will leave an unpleasant taste. Does heating work? Will the windows and doors close? How up-to-date is the insulation? Is the roof not leaking? Be sure to check these points to notice additional costs before you purchase. This way you can possibly negotiate better about the asking price.

This checklist can help you prepare a budget and schedule for any adjustments, renovations or renovations. In doing so, ask you which changes must be made as quickly as possible for example, outdated and dangerous power lines and which can wait for better insulation, a new bathroom, etc.

Checklist to buy real estate without worries


  • What is the orientation?
  • Is there sufficient daylight?
  • Is there not too much noise in the area? Note: it is usually quieter at the weekend, so stop by during the working week.
  • Is there no soil contamination?
  • What are the additional costs for connecting to the public facilities?
  • What is the urban design destination of land in the area?

The structural work

  • What is the insulation level or EPC level?
  • In what condition is the brickwork?
  • Is there no moisture or mold stains anywhere?

The roof

  • How well is it insulated?
  • Is it watertight?
  • What about the gutters and drains?

When drawing up that budget, you can also calculate whether and how much you may need to borrow. Do a simulation of such a renovation loan, so you immediately have a better view of it. And certainly order the free AXA Bank construction guide with 68 pages of info, tips and facts about buying, building and renovating. It is simply indispensable.