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Remember to check if you have to pay a fee with the bank to set up an overdraft, a cash credit or a consumer loan. Also, check the interest rate. Then compare with the credit cost of the consumer loan. Also, check if a repayment scheme in the store itself will be cheaper. Click into www.slickcashloan.com for the best info about loans.

How important is the consumer loan for you?

Consider if saving is better. You still have to save up to pay the consumer loan plus any interest and fees back. Determine on yourself what the impact of the consumer loan can have on your finances in the longer term.

Is it only good that borrowing money is easy?

Many consumer loans can typically be paid off quickly without providing you with security for your money. Typically, however, loans, where you have to provide collateral for the money, will be cheaper in interest and other borrowing costs than loans where the collateral is not provided. Ask yourself if it is worth the price to take a quick loan, which may then cost extra in the long run.

Use of loan when taking out consumer loans


Be aware that your loan can be used when you, for example, buy a product on installment or take out a consumer loan. As a loan holder, you may, as the case may be, be bound by the agreement if, by your conduct, you have enabled or facilitated third party abuse of your loan.

For example, if you show carelessness in providing your loan and password to others, or if you leave the key card freely forwarded, you may be liable for borrowing or purchasing a product. If you throw away your loan or suspect it is being abused, be sure to get it locked quickly. Otherwise, you risk hanging yourself on the bill. You can block your loan. Also, inform the store/lender about the abuse as soon as possible.

Credit Warning

You can reduce the risk of your name being misused to take out a consumer loan or pay off by putting a credit warning on your CPR number. You can read more about what a credit warning is and how to create it, which the National Board of Digitization and the Danish Business Authority are behind.

Consumer Loan Complaints

There are various instances you can complain about if you have problems with a consumer loan. For example, the loan provider may charge excessive fees or charge illegal additional interest rates. In order to understand what long-term debt covers, it is first and foremost important to understand the concept of debt. Debt covers a lot of money that you owe to one or more creditors. For example, you may have a debt to a family member or your bank.

If you have borrowed a small amount that is settled – ie repaid – within a year, this is short-term debt. Long-term debt, on the other hand, is characterized by having a longer settlement period. This usually means that the amount of money borrowed by a company or individual is large. And therefore, it takes longer to recover the debt.