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In the ancient time of television the people have to see that the television broadcasting telecast to the people, and so if they again telecasted the same movies or videos, people also have to watch that only. This makes people so annoying and sometimes they turn off the movies instead of watching the same movie for more time. But nowadays people are very well known about what is cable, what is the TV and also what is Satellite and so on. Now they are very clear about everything in science and technologies. They can choose any language of online streaming like in English or in Thai language ดูหนังออนไลน์ these also mean watching online movies. They are showing interest in this online movie watching to fulfill their mood to see the favorite movies, serials, though they have missed anyone episode, they can again watch it through this online streaming. So this online streaming is now like a king to all the other broadcasts, people are ready to pay a certain amount as the fee for the internet to access this online watching. But the main thing is there is both the advantage and disadvantages. This online streaming is available in every gadget like TV, laptop, tablet and computers and so on.


Advantages and Disadvantages:

The most important thing that people should keep in mind that how machines and technologies are beneficiary things to human life and at the same time that many risks and disadvantages also in it. People must be careful to handle all those things. Here now we are going to see the advantages of the online streaming, the first benefit of this online streaming is absolutely the convenience and choices of the people who can easily watch all the movies, videos even serials which are in their favorite list. The one more benefit is nothing but the ads which always annoy people while watching the movies in cable, but all the ads will be prohibited in this online streaming so the people can easily watch all the serials, movies without the disturbances of ads. They can simply enjoy their time with these disturbances of ads. They are affordable for the subscription, this will be so less than the monthly payments of their cable. These services are flexible because they can make it sign up and cancel whenever they want to watch movies, the servicers do not ask for any termination and fees penalties for disconnecting it. So this online streaming is like a boon to the people who were looking for entertainment purposes with many conveniences. There are some disadvantages in online streaming, one of the things is it must need high-speed internet because the video or movie should not strike and buffer in between while it is playing. Another disadvantage is if there is anything wrong with the device then the connection will be damaged and in the end, the streaming will not be visible properly. Then they have to check the device and if it is anything to wrong then they have to change the devices. So until that people will suffer for not to watch it all.