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Shopping is an unavoidable thing in everyone’s life. At one point or the other people will go shopping. Some do their shopping for the wedding, some for their parties and others for their birthday celebrations. There are people who go out shopping for time pass or when they feel lonely bored or stressed out. All these kinds of shoppers are seen and witnesses in the day to day life. However, shopping cannot be avoided under any circumstances. It is an essential element of everyone’s day to day life. Flakko explains it more clearly when it comes to shopping.


Types of hoppers:  People love to spend their time hours together in shopping malls without making a single purchase. On the other hand, there are people who just park the vehicle, enter the shopping complex and return back within no time. Shoppers are of different types. Some love to spend their time only in shopping. There are people who don’t even spare much time for shopping.

Research shopper: There are shoppers who never buy anything without doing research. When a customer interested in buying a four-wheeler. He or she will do research by going through the magazines and websites and compare the prizes and comforts that are offered by different brands. They even compare the model and other criteria before making the decision. People may wait for another year for better models and prizes. Once the purchase is made people may not take back the decision made.

Bargain shopper: There are buyers who mainly wait for discount sales. These type of shoppers are termed as bargain shoppers who mainly focus on coupons, discounts,and annual sales.  They always tend to save money by bargaining. There are other kinds of shoppers who always try to negotiate with the salesperson. The main intention of the buyers will be to negotiate with the sales person how hard the people may be. The main intention of the negotiators will be to win the sales person they encounter. However every time things may not come in their favor.

Impulsive shoppers: The buyers who make decisions impulsively without thinking further. Shoppers will try to buy things which look attractive and colorful to their vision. They will not even think twice before purchasing the things. The items may not fit in their home. These impulsive decisions may lead them to loose hard earned money.

Loyalists: There are buyers who mainly depend on only specific brands and always visit only certain shopping complex every time.  The buyers will be known to everyone in the shop. The sales person and others will know their names as well. The loyalists will get all sort of privileges offered to the customers.

No matter what the shopper mindset might be,they have to keep some things in mind before shopping.  The shoppers might be negotiator or loyalist or bargainer or impulsive decisions maker one thing never change is that the salesperson is there to sell. The salesperson will try to convince the buyers in one way or the other to make purchases. The salesperson smartly makes the shoppers buy at least one thing when they enter the shop. The shoppers have to keep this in mind and keep track of their budget as well while going out for shopping.