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Instagram is a social networking platform where a photo or video can be shared with the world. It is one of the biggest social networks as of today. Like any other social media platforms, it allows you to follow the accounts which caught your interest. Likes and comments are just like any other platform. The photos and videos would stay on the page forever. Stories, along with videos and photos, can be posted. These can be viewed within 24 hours, which would expire later. Make it look good and give a genuine reason to follow your account through instalavista .

Unless you are famous, it requires an effort to get a good number of followers on your account. Attention daily is needed to amass huge following for an average individual or business. Most of the accounts on Instagram currently are business accounts.

Few measures have to be taken to get quality followers for your account.

Creating the best profile:

Express yourself by customizing your profile. This would attract potential followers. Username is supposed to be easy to search. Your bio ought to be informative, and people have to know what the purpose is of following. Bio URL feature is giving an option to the visitors to land on to your blog or website. Make sure that you are notified when people share your photos or videos. This allows you to get an idea about how to engage them quickly and to know the content of their interest.

Post quality:


Instagram is providing with some quality enhancing tools and editing capabilities, which are more than sufficient to take a picture look great. Use a minimum of two or three photo editing apps before posting them on Instagram. Try to check symmetry and capture small details embracing negative space.

Regular schedule:

This is a very vital aspect. To start engaging people, a good number of posts should be available. Try planning of posts with a calendar. Practicing regular posting at a particular time and frequency would drastically affect your target audience. Optimization of a regular posting schedule is a bit of time taking the process and involves experimentation in the initial stages.

Consistent voice:

Photos and videos are a significant part, but the captions, hashtags, and comments should never be undermined. Try developing a consistent brand, unique sound. This would have its impression on potential followers regarding your credibility in a positive manner. Maintain a unique sound and natural style rather than intimidating.

Engaging captions:

Captions are essential in winning over other brands if it is a business account. In case of a personal account, it makes your content much shareable that gives you better exposure. Witty commenting with relevant hashtags and call to actions would grab the attention and offers satisfactory experience.


Hashtags can link conversations of different users into a single group. With proper hashtags, your content is likely to have the exposure to a broader audience along with the targeted audience. Active and smart usage should be implemented. To research to know about relevant hashtags, you can explore in Instagram itself.