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Renting rooms or a bed and breakfast at home is a dream for many people. If you want to implement this plan in your own home with a mortgage, there are some things involved. You will have to deal with everything around a small company with a guesthouse. But what do you have to take into account? And do you have to report this to the bank? The use of the Long Beach CA realtor is essential here.

Buy a guesthouse

Pay attention! Have you found your dream house, but is there already a guesthouse? Then there is a good chance that the bank will not accept this if you apply for a mortgage. The bank actually assumes that you are going to rent it out, unless you can prove the contrary. A bank would prefer not to let you rent (part of) your house, because they run a greater risk because of this if they give you a loan. But it could also be that you just want to use that guesthouse for yourself. It differs per bank whether they agree with this, if you can prove that you have no other income left over to your guesthouse for example.

Make a guesthouse

You cannot just open a guest house or bed and breakfast at every location. You first check this with the municipality, because the zoning plan states what the location is for. It is true that in a number of houses it is only allowed to live and not to rent this out to tourists. It differs per municipality whether, apart from that you live in the house, a B&B or guesthouse is also allowed. If this is allowed, it may also be that there may be a maximum number of rooms or guests.

It is not allowed, what now?

Then there are other roads that lead to Rome. You can make a request to change the municipality’s zoning plan, but this is not always easy. Option number two is that you apply for an environmental permit. You apply for this permit because you want to do something that is not allowed according to the rules of spatial planning.

Bed, breakfast & bank

The rules may differ per lender when renting out your house. You can usually find how this works for you in the mortgage deed of your house. In principle you do not need permission from the bank, because tenants of a bed and breakfast do not have tenant rights. But to be completely sure of your case, it is useful to check this in your mortgage deed. And it doesn’t hurt to ask permission from the bank if you still think this is necessary.

You will have to deal with these taxes

Long Beach CA realtor

When renting out (a part of) your house, you will have to deal with the tax authorities. The money that you earn with a B&B often falls under box 1. You will pay taxes on the money that you earn. This is income tax as maintaining it requires work and effort. The costs that you have incurred are deductible from this tax. In addition to the tax that you pay on your income, you also have to deal with tourist tax. For this, keep a close eye on the personal information when the guest arrives and departs. You do not have to pay this tax in all municipalities.