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As a photographer, it seems simple to me to choose the right wedding photographer. But it is only because you are immersed in this environment. In reality for the bride and groom, it is quite difficult to choose a good photographer. The photographer, the one who will meet their expectations. So we decided in this article to tackle the subject back and forth and across. With Photographe mariage Lille you can have the best choices.

First of all, if you are in this article it is that you understood it is that you surely read: the worst reasons not to choose a professional photographer for his wedding. Well done. Whatever your budget or your desires, the questions below will allow you to know what you should ask your photographer to get an idea of ​​what he offers and therefore make your choice.

What is your photographic style? Journalistic photo or not

Photographe mariage Lille

What is the journalistic photo style? The wedding photojournalists go during the day trying to tell a story, capturing the key moments but also taking spontaneous photos, taken on the spot, and a whole lot of details like laughter, your room decoration, your dress. The classic wedding photographer takes a more traditional approach by asking you to pose, and by capturing only the key moments.

Can we see your book? An entire marriage

It’s an essential question. Seeing photos on a site will give you an idea of ​​the work of your photographer but do not hesitate to ask him to see more. Also, ask him to show you a full story so that you can see the work he can do for you. Ask him if the photos he presents to you are weddings he did recently? He did it alone or with an assistant, or as an assistant.

Do you like his work?

With feeling it is for me, the two important things that you need to focus on. You can find photographers offering prices quite affordable, see not very expensive; but if you don’t like what they offer you, it’s not your photographer. Look at his book and even if it is difficult to project yourself: Try.

Ask yourself the right questions depending on what you are looking for: Do you find it pretty? Is there some creativity? Are photos full of pretty emotions? Editing and framing you like it? Clearly, would you like it to be you in the photos, that we give you this type of photos?

It doesn’t matter if your photographer is super nice and makes you a price if you don’t like what he presents to you. Chances are you won’t like your photos because his style will not change. This does not mean that this photographer is bad but just that his style and his sensitivity do not meet your expectations.

How to choose your wedding photographer

This is in expert opinion the second most important thing in choosing your photographer. Even if you love his photos, if you don’t feel comfortable, trust him is that he is not your wedding photographer. You need and your photographer also needs the feeling to pass between you to make a good report. Unlike a caterer or another provider, the photographer will be one of the most intimate providers of your day.