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Chiropractic is a health science that offers natural care that is to say without medication and without surgery. It helps you find your full vital potential through your body’s innate capacities to adapt and self-heal. The term comes from the Greek kheir which means “hand” and from praktikos which means “putting into action”. So Chiropractic is “action by hand”. At the physical therapy websites you can find the best solutions.

Indeed, the chiropractor works mainly by means of his hands and can, if necessary, assist himself mechanically. So put into action but what? From our life force, it is the very one that created us and keeps us alive. This force is called Innate Intelligence by chiropractors. It is this which gives our body its self-healing capacity; it allows it to renew itself and adapt constantly.

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The nervous system allows the expression of our Innate Intelligence.

Our brain gives birth to the nerve impulse that is carried by the spinal cord and a multitude of peripheral nerves running through the body to each organ, each gland and the least of our cells.

This nervous system is intimately linked to the skeleton that protects it. Indeed, the brain, the most precious organ of our organism is particularly well protected by our skull. The spinal cord, meanwhile, descends to the center of our spine. Then between each of our vertebrae cervical, thoracic and lumbar making up our spine, arise the nerves running through our body to its periphery near the bones of the members with which they find protection.

Thus the nervous system is the communication channel between the brain and the periphery. And it is this good communication that allows the body to adapt, to function properly. The good dynamics of our skeleton are essential for the preservation of optimal nerve impulses and therefore for the free circulation of our innate intelligence.

But for various physical reasons linked to falls, wrong movements, bad postures, lack of physical activity; that chemical consequence of our food or that emotional induced by our way of thinking; interference is installed on this nervous system disrupting the good communication between the brain and the periphery.

Interferences are called subluxations by the chiropractor.

It is a neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction that can create local pain but especially distant disorders by disrupting good communication between the brain and part of the body. Now the body needs all of its parts to function at its full potential since none were put there by chance. Thus subluxation affects the whole of our organism by reducing our self-healing capacities. This is where the chiropractor comes in, whose role is to ensure the free circulation of our life force by adjusting the subluxations that settle in the course of our life.

Once released from its interference by your chiropractor, the nerve impulse can once again circulate freely and your innate intelligence can then operate to restore and then maintain your health. Attention, this meaning of the word subluxation is specific to chiropractic.

Relieve pain and other physical symptoms

The symptoms are only there to warn you that something is wrong, that it is time to change; they no longer have a raison d’ĂȘtre when the body regains its self-healing capacities. Thus the disappearance of the symptoms only becomes a consequence of better functioning of the body.