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Keep an eye out for online loan sites and apps, which have spread rapidly in recent years and promise to charge lower fees than traditional banks. When taking a loan from a bank correspondent, find out who the bank or finance company behind is offering the credit and find out on the internet about your credibility. With เงินกู้ด่วน this is the best option now.

These banking correspondents have grown absurdly, with appealing advertising, but they do not have the same commitment as banks and finance companies to the operation and financial guidance when giving credit. According to exp, the scams grow when hiring loans online. If the company asks for a cash advance0020to cover alleged fees or taxes, be wary, as this practice is not common in the market.

In addition to the interest rate, compare the Total Effective Cost

Interest is just one of the fees charged on credit operations. Therefore, before taking out a loan, it is necessary to compare not only this rate but the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the operation.

The CET includes all charges charged by the bank or finance company to lend money, such as taxes, insurance and registration opening fee. The institution that offers the lowest interest rate does not always have the cheapest total cost. Banks and finance companies are required to inform CET, according to Idec.

Organize your personal budget

Taking out a loan can be a sign that your financial life is not going well. At this point, you need to ask yourself how and why you got to that point and review your spending and earnings.

First, organize your budget to pay off debts, and after that, start saving to form an emergency reserve and avoid having to take out new loans in the future.

With the growth of unemployment, inflation and, consequently, the purchasing power of the population, investors, financiers, companies and banks are naturally more afraid to lend money because of the risk of default increases in moments like the one we live in. If you? are you? in need of credit, either to settle more expensive debts, open a business of your own or for an emergency, here are some tips on smart attitudes that will help you:

Use the positive registration

Institutions usually scan the person’s past before granting a loan or not. For this reason, having a name considered favorable can make all the difference and a positive registration will help a lot in this regard.


Does this program help banks and finance companies find out who is there? with the bills up to date. There, your payment information is available and whether you can keep them up to date? power? negotiate loans at lower rates, because creditors understand that there is little risk in giving credit to you.

Have a clean name to get personal credit

In the same way that positive registration can? helping you, being negative can get in the way a lot. Your data will be sought in the debtors’ records, such as the famous and feared Serasa and SPC. The results of this investigation will serve to decide whether the credit will be accepted or not.

Use your properties

The type of housing or the properties you are looking for? Possesses also enter the equation. Who has wide property in the front, after all, he is? A guarantee that the customer can? Get big money in an emergency.