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In today’s life, everyone has to go for their work or business at least to fulfill theneeds of the family. If so, people have sufficient energy for doing their work. Likewise, if you want to run any kind of machine or vehicle it needs some energy. The energy may be in different forms even though the majority of equipment s only depends on electrical energy. Most of the countries using electrical energy for an automotive purpose. Depending upon the source of energy electrical energy rates may vary. The cost of energy rates can be fixed based on the cost incurred for production, transmission, taxes levied by the various government. In the United States Reliant Energy Plans providers are providing around 1.5 million clients and yearly they are supplying 23 million mega Watts of power to all over the locality’s reliant energy founded in the year 2000. Don’t you have any question even the scarcity why do we want to use electric vehicles? Yes, absolutely your question may be right. The main reason if using fuel-based vehicle it produces an enormous amount of pollution which affect the ozone layer.Due to that each and every year the world temperature has increased 1 degree Celsius because of this natural calamity happens around the globe.  also, most of the countries importingfuel from gulf countries there won’t be available in their own countries which may cause an increase in the energy rates. Even some of the Arabian countries facing low extraction of fossil fuel during high demand for petroleum products.

Reliant Energy Plans

Types of energy used for producing power in the US

In the U.S majorly they are using three types of energy used for producing the electricity that has been following to fulfill their needs for industry and houses that are the coal, gases, nuclear energy.  Majorly they are using steam turbine electricity generation methods for having electric power. All over the world initially, they have been using fossil fuel to create electricity like diesel powerplant, Gas power plant, and so on.  later on, emerging of renewable energy methods high amounts of energy generated by various processes say for wind energy solar energy.The U.S has been one of the richest countries in the world where they using natural gases for producing electric power around 38% of electric power generated by natural gas in 2019.The second one in coal-based electricity production in 2019 they have generated the electricity with the usage of 23% coal. Only 1% of the petroleum energy method is used for producing electric power. Approximately 20% usage of nuclear energy producing the electric power for all the necessary functions of the U.S. Even though well-developed county In technology not able to produce more electric power by the way of wind and solar energy methods because of weather conditions they are not supposed to produce the electricity. Only 2% of electrical energy is produced bythe solar energy method.  According to the study of pacific northwest national laboratoryexisting infrastructure is enough to meet the 73 % of electricity needs in the U.S. including usage of electric vehicles. Electricity usage may depend on the climate and usage of appliances. So Be cautious of energy and get rid of the scarcity