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We all love watching movies online free, and putlocker is one of those few sites which enabled us to view all the blockbusters that are still running in theaters – without paying a single cent. It was early 2012 when a bunch of computer nerds decided to free people from the obligation of going to a theater to watch a recently released title and initiated Putlocker with a vast movie database.


So, can you download movies and TV series from Putlocker? Not really. Even though you can watch all of your favorite films and other digital content on Putlocker, it really embeds the content links on its pages and those are the links of other third-party content hosting websites. Therefore anyone can stream movies from Putlocker directly, but can’t download and save in their local computer, at least not from Putlocker. The reason why Putlocker doesn’t provide any direct link to the movies from its own server is the copyright issue. Although that didn’t save Putlocker from being blocked in the UK for its main domain address as the UK court issued a ban on the same.

Do you wonder how popular Putlocker is among all the movie websites? More or less 750,000 people on average were hitting the site on a daily basis immediately after launching, and this is a great number for a new website, especially in the movie niche when lots of other movie sites were available at that time. What more surprising is Putlocker started getting almost two million visitors when Megaupload which was the number one in terms of the traffic of that time in the same niche, got shut down.

Are there other sites similar to Putlocker?

Yes, plenty of similar sites are available online, which provide online movie streaming facilities for the viewers. However, Putlocker is one of the leading sites, and there are not many sites that can match the massive database of recent titles it offers. The database update rate in Pulocker is persistent as well; no other movie website updates as frequently.

Is visiting Pulocker safe?

Yes, there’s no report of virus or malware in Putlocker to date. Millions of people browse this website every day for their favorite TV programs and movies safely without any such incident. Putlocker checks and verifies every single 3rd party link for virus or spyware before posting in the site, so that’s one thing you can rest assured of. Independent reviewers check Putlocker regularly, and the website regarded as relatively safe despite the questionable content they offer.  Still, you should be vigilant while accessing Putlocker as the site hosts a myriad of advertising pop-ups that can be sources of malware and other types of phishing attacks. Those are the ads on which Putlocker depends on revenue (they are offering free movie streaming, so they have to have a source of revenue generation), so whenever you open Pulocker on your browser – those annoying ads will come to haunt you. But as long as you’re not clicking on any of them to open and closing as soon as they appear, you should be good to go.