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Cardiovascular exercise is necessary to lose fat. To do this, you need to do it at an intensity of 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. As you go through the “leptitox review” you will realize the best options open for weight loss.

Better mixed training

However, the best results are produced by combining both forms of training: cardio and strength.

Do routines that include the entire body

Routines that include whole-body exercises are better for burning fat.

Make circuits

Exercise circuits have proven to be one of the best ways to burn fat.

Free yourself from anxiety and stress

Anxiety causes you to eat more of the bill and stress, that you are not able to follow the routine and healthy habits.

Take time

Therefore, instead of working, working and working, take time for you even if it is necessary to include it in your daily planning.

Eat fish with Omega 3

Fish will provide you with protein and, in addition, healthy fat. According to the British Journal of Nutrition, fish helps you burn more calories and allows you to be fuller.

Put little food on the plate

If you put a lot of food on the plate, you will probably eat more. So avoid putting on a lot of food and consuming unnecessary calories.

Control the calories

If you don’t control what you eat, you are also more likely to eat too much.

Plan it

If you do not plan the training and what you are going to eat, you will not see results.

Exercise with a friend

Training with a friend will encourage your motivation and your adherence to training.

Fill the pantry with what you need

If you go shopping with hunger it will harm you, so will the pantry full of unhealthy foods.

Drink water

Water is necessary to be well hydrated during training. You can drink it with lemon and so you benefit from the vitamin C that this citrus brings.

Remove from your sight what you will not eat

Having the food pantry that you should not consume is bad for weight control, but so is having the food in sight.

Start with a salad

Starting the meal with a salad will help you fill up earlier. The salad is a low-calorie dish.

Increase your NEAT

NEAT is the physical activity we do without the purpose of doing sports, for example, walking to work, climbing stairs, etc. If you want to lose weight, increase it.

Become aware of your diet and find out

Information is power. That’s why articles like this are so useful.

Buy yourself a heart rate monitor

If you want to know at what maximum heart rate range you are moving, buy a heart rate monitor.

Avoid light foods

Experts warn that light foods can be as much or more salt or sugar than the products they intend to replace.


To recover and function the body needs rest. So do not overstrain sleep between 6-8 hours a day.

Have a clear objective

Your goal should be clear and also measurable. This will also allow you to see the results and will serve as feedback.

Drink green tea

Green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee that speeds up metabolism and is packed with antioxidants. This infusion contains antioxidant ECGC, which helps burn fat and prevents its formation.