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Office Relocation London

Time is passing by, and you’re getting closer to the Office Relocation London deadline. What else should you keep track of and manage during the third stage of workplace relocation?

  1. Keep an eye on the transfer utilities- Your existing office’s transfer utilities must be unplugged the day after you relocate, and your new office’s transfer utilities must be switched on the day you move in, all of which require previous preparations. As a result, please don’t leave it until the last minute.
  2. Announce important dates– If you operate a large company with many employees and business partners, it’s best to announce important dates related to office relocation. You might also run a public relations campaign employing news releases to inform the public about the new office location and key dates. Send the letters to all of your major customers and business partners, inform them of any service disruptions, and keep them informed about the office relocation schedule. You also update your official website and social media accounts with your new office address and contact information.
  3. Self-packing workshop – Your team members will have many paperwork and other important office supplies. It’s usually a good idea to have the movers conduct a session and teach your staff how to pack their belongings carefully. They may keep photo frames, table clocks, pen stands, figurines, critical documents, and other little yet vital items on their desk. They can pack and label the box appropriately to locate and unload their belongings when they arrive at the new office.
  4. Re-evaluate packing supplies – You hired a professional moving and packing company to assist you with your office relocation, but you should re-evaluate your packing supplies. The movers may run out of packing supplies, which causes the procedure to be delayed. Attend a review meeting with the mover and request a sample of the packing materials they intend to use for your workplace relocation. It’s best to go through all of the packing items and make sure the movers and packers have enough. You can’t afford to skimp on packing quality because it could prove to be an expensive mistake.
  5. Archive old files– With only a month to go before the move; it’s time to start archiving old files. It’s pointless to save old files that are no longer useful. So go through your files and folders, and if there’s anything that’s no longer useful, it’s best to throw it out right here in your old office.
  6. Order business cards – you may need to order both business cards and stationery. You must order all of the stationary goods you will require in your new office before relocating: order business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and other materials with updated addresses and contact information.
  7. Double-check data security — because you are relocating your workplace, you must exercise extreme caution with company data, personal information, and crucial papers. Please make sure they don’t get misplaced or end up in the wrong hands. They may require the movers to sign a non-disclosure agreement in specific situations.