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The most fundamental source of finding the vital statistics data is the register technique which consists of the nonstop and permanent tape of the fundamental events, about births, decease, migration, matrimony, etc. This data, also in the calculation to their numerical utility have their price as legal documents. Registration of births made in this world provides all details on the place of birth, sex, age, and belief of parents, legality, the number of an earlier issue and their sexes, father’s work, and the birth position of parents. Similarly, the death register provides all in sequence on the place of death, time, sex, matrimonial status, birthplace, work, number of topics, and the grounds of death. A similar type of in sequence is also found with observe to the marriages and immigrant for law tutor .

Many countries involve a compulsory catalog of births and deaths under their imperative. For instance, every new birth attractive place must be accountable to the authorities along with the comprehensive information. Identically, the death, marriage, and immigration of an individual or assembly of persons are also documentation for potential necessities of any numerical study or government requirements.

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Deficiency of the registration technique

In most of the states, it is distinguished that there is no legislation in pastoral areas, which construct the register of vital events such as confinement, death, marriage, and migration. When we calculate the national humanity or fatality rate, such section are openly disused and the result is unquestionably not correct. In such belongings, the statisticians take fault calculation but still the outcome is not 100% truthful because the lowest of 10 to 20% of the populace is neglected due to requiring of the registration development. This is one of the most important drawbacks of this registration process.

It also seems in many suitcases that the human being who is responsible to preserve the records of such fundamental stats is not very severe in completing the accountability, which results in erroneous maintenance of the register records of these fundamental events.

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