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There is nothing worse than when he wants to make a good impression with you, so to impress you, he decides to organize an evening of what he thinks (that is, according to what his friends told him after years of in-depth studies on female psychology) are designed to meet the tastes of a woman. So he invites you to the cinema, and you, that you have immediately sgamato as a type that at best has seen five times in a row the trilogy of Lethal Weapon – that of Star Warsis already a bit ‘too educated – accept enthusiastic, because, if the film chooses him, already two hours of action in which the only effort required is to count the dead, and the dubbing is to say “fuck!” between the continuous pum pum pum of the guns and the slam, boom, crashes of the cars that spatasciano here and there, that is exactly the kind of film that I would choose to see me on a hot summer evening with a handsome guy at his side. At Movies123 you can find all your favorite movies.

Instead, he, dear creature, has decided to listen to his friends, or, even worse, to the morose of these, a string of aspiring that drag the husbands / boyfriends for years around classical music concerts, alternative theaters and cinema d ‘essai, where those have learned, to avoid reprimand, to fall asleep with a certain grace, because, if you run away from snoring, they will discover you and it’s over.


When I get out of the car already I have a sinister presage, because instead of hyperparcheggio of the multiplex where they give the idiot blockbusters that I was hoping to see, I find myself in the very small and minimal parking lot of the cinema / theater / multi-purpose center of the neighboring country, the one that they have recently opened and in which, with provincial arrogance, popcorn and films that make more than ten paying spectators are equally forbidden. The manager oversees the entrance with a grim look, and before giving you the ticket, check to see if you have an intellectual enough to be admitted inside. He looks a little doubtful, because his well-sculpted biceps bear witness to an interest in bodybuilding that does not suit a thinker; but, fortunately, I’m not wearing makeup and I put the round glasses instead of the lenses, so I have a pretty top in face to look sufficiently educated. For a moment I delude myself, because the billboard announces that there is, in room 1, Men who hate women, and so I hope, in the end, that at least we are going to see a nice Swedish alternative thriller, with a well-defined structure like an Ikea wardrobe. Instead he smiles and shows me the tickets for Love Lessons, with Ben Kigsley and Penelope Cruz, “Taken from a book by Roth!” He adds with a certain pride, to remark that, holy love, he even made sure to read presentation criticism. We are indoors, but as it is not, I see black clouds of jella on my head.