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Limoncella Dolceterra

Dolceterra is not only supplying the glass bottles to store this amazing Italian liquor but they also offer other products like gourmet meals, oils and vinegars, apart from this Italian drink other tasty liquors to drink, Italy’s famous cheese, and many more. Love to buy the Italian lemonade drink holders from Dolceterra which have collection of bottled jars and glasses that are lemon painted from outside and can be used to serve with their traditional drink known as limoncella. Many Italians love to have this drink at night after dinner. The customers can also purchase the memoritaly collection once they visit the site of Dolceterra.com which will let them know what actually they want in their kitchen as it is a grocery store.


One can avail great discounts on black Friday deals which offer various products to their valuable customers who are fond of traditional cuisine with amazing gift boxes as Christmas is ahead. The one who visits the site of Dolceterra will surely fall in love with the yellow color as all their ceramic bottles and jars are painted with fresh yellow lemons. Enjoy your drink by pouring in dolceterra glasses that are made of fine quality ceramic which are crafted by handpainting by Vietri artists to meet the requirements of their customers who want to exalt Italy tradition in their kitchen or freezer.

Instructions for Preparing this Italian Drink

As the word spelled, one might have got an idea about its ingredients which are used in its preparation. All you require is some fresh lemons, water, sugar and alcohol. Take some fresh lemons and peel the yellow skin of each lemon using a vegetable peeler or lemon zester. Once you separated the lemons outer yellow layer and inner white zest, now it’s time to shift the yellow part in a glass jar and pour some alcohol over it for about a cup or so. Approximately you would require 2-3 lemons when you are using 1 cup alcohol. Now this mixture needs to be stored in dark glass jar container in a dry place for a period of 10 days without disturbing the bottle or jar. The longer you steep the mixture will give you more the flavor of lemon.

Now drain this steeped mixture into a bowl with the help of a sieve and discard the unwanted zest. Now stir this content with equal parts of sugar and water to form a thick liquid on medium flame in a saucepan. Once the sugar got dissolved in the whole content and mixed well then let it cool at room temperature so that now you can add alcohol according to your taste. Stir well and store this limoncello in a dolceterra glass bottled jar that has tight seal to keep the content inside fresh, aromatic and enhance the quality of the drink. Once done store it in your freezer to serve your guests who arrived for dinner once they are done with it.


Anyone can gift this beautiful art and craft and homemade limoncello Italian drink to their loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or other cocktail parties. Sip every drop of this drink to feel like staying in heaven. Never miss the hot deals on Dolceterra.com and try to purchase this unique collection of bottled jars to add beauty to your kitchen.