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On 2nd June 2021, in Los Angeles, one complaint was filed against Mr. Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun is a famous personality from both Hollywood and the business world. His highly efficient Business mind has given him huge success for years. With his soft heart, he launched many superstars and let them come in line. But now, one allegation was filed against this man by Peter Comisar . Peter Comisar is the Scooter Braun of the investment world. So, while listening to the words from these personalities, we need to be very careful.

Here in this article, we are just going to see one fact mentioned in both of their statements. The reality behind it is upon the investigating team. Let’s see.

Peter Comisar

What Happened to Ithaca’s Share Price?

In a recent update, it has been seen that Ithaca, the company of Scooter Braun, is having $1.05 billion shares. The price is incredibly strong compared to others and compared to its old stock prices.  But there was a problem. Everybody believes that behind this huge success, there is a huge contribution of Peter Comisar. But Braun is ignoring that fact. Let’s see the opinion from both sides.

What is Peter Comisar’s Objection?

When he was calling the police a few days back, he mentioned this fact. David Bono said that Braun never respected the fact that Peter helped the share price to increase. David Bolno’s statement makes it harder for Peter to take action against Braun.

While filing the suit, he said, Braun is doing some kind of fraud to make $200 million. He mentioned, to cover up the success rate of the company, he is hiding the fact that Peter had helped him to reach a huge success for share prices. It is not an easy task to push a company’s shares to high revenue. Lots of knowledge, practice and efficient talent are required. So, Peter’s point is, Braun must admit his help in the price of share increment.

What’s The Point of Scooter Braun Regarding Share Price?

Scooter Braun said that he is aware of the upcoming success of the share prices. But he is not ready to accept that Peter helped in share prices. Why? What we often say, the first impression is the best. When in 2016, Braun gave Peter the responsibility of Scope Capital Management, he successfully drowned the dream. He failed to draw investors, which created a bad impression on Braun. So, he never thought Peter could make progress in the share prices.

So, before reaching any conclusion it is important to know the facts from both sides. The discussion made here is based on the statements they give to the police. Even the hints from Scooter’s Twitter will help you to understand.

Braun took an arbitration from a legal counsellor. But the statements and Accusations on him can stretch the thing to some extent. He is a popular businessman and a gem to the Hollywood industry. To give a positive come up, he needs to focus on Positive things. But if he wants to keep the share price intact, he needs to be stronger.