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According to Charlie Chaplin ” A day spent without laughter is a day wasted”. Doesn’t it sound true?

mark curry

A humorous chat with a friend, a jovial trip with family, a funny movie night out with a sweet cousin anything is enough to keep whole day stress away. There is nothing like a funny moments spent with wholesome laughter. That’s why humour has taken a front seat in entertainment industry. It also has a big share in revenue generation of film industry and humour artists. No doubt, some comedy artists are at par in recognition and remuneration with their natural humorous performances on stage and cinema. mark curry is a famous comedian and actor who hails from the USA. He was born on June 1st 1961 in Oakland as the youngest of nine children. His played Mark Cooper in HANGIN’ WITH MR.COOPER was aired in Television during 1992 and 1997. At the age of 57 Curry is still active and is acting in full length comedy movies and shows distributing laughter. He started appearing in films from the year 1991 with the film TALKING DIRTY AFTER DARK.  It was a small role and appeared with fellow actor Martin Lawrence.

His break came with the role in CBS sitcom HANGIN’ WITH MR.COOPER, a television series which created ripples among all generations. The show which started in 1992 continued to play for five seasons as a series.  Curry played the title role COOPER, the basketball enthusiast who turns coach.  The show became a rave in the television industry and Curry started laurels with his comedy packed performance.  Then on he did cameos in movies like SWITCH BACK and ARMAGEDDON.  The year 2000 saw him bounce back as comedy star again in THE DREW CAREY SHOW as Drew carry’s boss.  In the same year he hosted another show called DON’T FORGET YOUR TOOTH BRUSH from Comedy central. Not stopping there he did FOR YOUR LOVE in a small role where his co-star of HANGIN’ WITH MR.COOPER Holly Robinson Peete also took part.

He worked with many top banners one of which is Cartoon Network with whom he did THE POOF POINT. In this, he played the main role, scientist Norton Ballard. He also hosted many other shows based on animals like PAX TV’s ANIMAL TAILS.  He also tried his hand in music and acted in music album TOO SHORTS and TAKE YA HOME. He also took part in a song by rap group LUNIZ called OAKLAND RAIDERS.

The two of his early shows which saw him as a TV in the early 90s gave him a good break as an excellent host and star comedian. His first film saw him play a small role but from his second he was seen in a major role.  He is still active on TV hosting many shows. His recent popular show is ONE LOVE in 2015 by BOUNCE TV series where he played the role of Pastor Williams. He is one of the greatest comedy stars Hollywood has ever produced.