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Complaining about the electric service is very simple. There are many cities in Texas in that most cities are under the deregulated electric system and few come under the regulated electric system. They both have different types and procedures to do the complaint. The complaint can be of Electricity Rates , meters, wire or any other things that make sense about electricity. Before complaining the person should check whether the problem should be resolve through the company or by the electricity board. If in the case the person can raise the complaint to the company.

Electricity Rates

How can a person get the solution for the electricity complaint :

There are two different types of people living in the same state texas as mentioned above there are regulated and deregulated. First if a person from a deregulated place they can approach the complaint initially to the respected company through phone or letter. If the person reaches through the phone, they need to take the customer number or ID which will be on the top of the previous paid bill or the meter board and have to know about the basic details like a plan which they choose, etc.

If once you register the complaint you can wait to get resolve if in the case the person can not satisfy with the phone complaint they can take the name of the person on the other side, date and time then make the written complaint clearly by mentioning the number, name, and address then post it to the company. Take a copy of the letter for future use. Once you register the complaint you have to wait for 8 weeks to take the next action. If your complaint is not resolved or the handled way by the company is not satisfied after 8 weeks of the complaint you registered, the next step is to take the complaint to the electricity ombudsman.

Ombudsman: a group of four to five people who monitor their sector without taking the side to the people or the company. They are completely independent and make sure about the laws.

The person can reach ombudsman with the complaint details. In that case of a true grievance, the ombudsman will resolve the problem by taking the proper action on the company.

Second, if a person is from regulated are then they have to go to the public utility commission they have the procedure before getting in, the PUC will check whether the complaint is under the satisfactory level if so they provide the service to its customer, the PSU will take the proper action within a short period to resolve it.

The information that the need for filling the complaint is account holder name, contact number, email, service address, mailing address, state, zip code date, and last the complaint is about. By giving these details one can raise and get the solution to the complaint.

The complaint can be rejected in the case when the electricity is disconnected with or without the prior notice by the company if the customer fails to pay the electricity bill.