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There are many translation agencies in the market but how to know which the right option is? As in any other sector, we always look for the best professionals to do our job. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your translations will be of the best quality, here we leave you the requirements that the english to french translation company you choose should have.

Great professionals

english to french

The quality of the human factor is the most important. It’s no use to use the best translation programs if the translators are not the best in the sector. Thus, to know if it is the translation agency we are looking for, translators in staff must:

Have years of experience in the sector

To be specialized in a specific type of translation: It is not the same to translate medical texts as legal since the vocabulary and knowledge relationships are totally different.

Have titles that accredit them: In recent years the intrusion in the sector has been growing, and that is to translate not only the need to know languages, but it takes years of specific study to become a translator.

Quick order

If the translators are good, and they do it in the shortest possible time, we have the equation solved. In addition, translations are often needed in almost record times, so translators must be prepared and get the highest quality in the shortest possible time to offer the best service.

Competitive prices

Who said the quality was expensive? It is best to choose a good combination of quality or price since without paying a fortune we can find great translators. In short, we will know that we have chosen the right translation company if your workforce is made up of great specialized professionals with years of experience, which also offers us translations at reasonable times and competitive prices.

In an increasingly globalized world, sworn and technical translations are the order of the day, however, not all translation agencies or all translators and interpreters offer the same guarantees. Below, we present a list of keys to choose a good translation service:

Qualified translators in translation and interpretation

Translation and interpretation have been, for decades, homologated activities with their corresponding degree, the degree in translation and interpretation. Given the complexity of some documents, be they medical, legal, economic or technical texts, it is often necessary to go to a specialized translator or interpreter, who can better guarantee that the translation or interpretation in question is better than a generalist interpreter. If it is an official translation, a sworn translation will also be necessary, that is, through a translator authorized by the competent authority, to attest to the translation made with your signature and your stamp.

Compare translation rates

Technical translation rates are calculated from the number of words in the original language. To calculate how much a translation from French to English costs the number of words must be multiplied by the corresponding rate. However, there are several factors that influence the final price of a translation such as the urgency of the translation, the degree of specialization of the translation, the availability of the translators, the review phases since a translation is not the same for private use than for a publication the computer format of the files and the discounts applicable in each case.