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Travelers to Dubai may have a hard time choosing a hotel. Those who want to spend little find many hotels with affordable prices and similar characteristics in the central region of the city, with little difference between one and the other. And those who can spend more to stay in a sophisticated hotel will find so many interesting options that it will be difficult to choose the preferred one since it is better than the other. See in this post some tips on where to stay in Dubai, with suggestions for hotels in the main areas of the city. Now that the dubai residence visa cost is low, you can expect the best choices for staying there.


Downtown Dubai neighborhoods are home to the largest number of hotels in the city, including some of the most economical options. The main tourist attractions in the region are the Dubai Museum, the Creek and the Gold Market.

Accommodation in Deira can be a little uncomfortable because of the noise of the planes, as the neighborhood is very close to the airport. The accommodation in Bur Dubai allows faster access to other regions of the city, as it is not necessary to cross the Creek. The channel crosses the city center.

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Both districts have some subway stations and for those who will depend on public transport to get around the city, it is important to stay close to one of them. Hotels like the London Crown, Four Point by Sheraton and Rainbow Hotel are located on the outskirts of the Dubai Metro and offer daily rates between 100 and 200 dollars.

For those who are going to rent a car and don’t need to be close to the subway, a good option is the Holiday Inn Express Dubai Jumeirah. The hotel has a good cost-benefit ratio, with daily rates starting at 150 dollars, which already include breakfast for two, as well as wi-fi and free parking.

Dubai Downtown

The Dubai Downtown complex brings together some of Dubai’s top attractions, including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountains. The development has a centralized location in the city, is 11 km from the airport and has a nearby metro station, the Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall station, which belongs to the red line.

Altogether there are 6 hotels in Dubai Downtown. The most famous of them is the Armani Hotel, which occupies some floors of the Burj Khalifa and whose rates start at a thousand dollars. The hotel has 160 suites, seven restaurants, a SPA, excellent panoramic views and all the luxury and comfort provided by the Armani brand.

The other hotels in the complex are not as expensive as the Armani and still offer suites with a privileged view of the tallest building in the world and also for the Dubai Fountains show. The most economical is the Ramada Downtown and Radisson Blu, whose daily rates start at 215 dollars. The other options, whose rates are in the range of 400 to 800 dollars, are The Address Downtown, The Palace Downtown and Al Manzil.


The Jumeirah neighborhood occupies the coast of Dubai, has several shopping and dining options, in addition to Jumeirah Beach, the most frequented beach in the city. The main hotel in this area is the Burj Al Arab, considered a symbol of Dubai and representing all the sophistication and modernity of the city. Located on a small artificial island 300 meters from the coast, it is popularly known as a seven-star hotel, but officially its category is a five-star luxury hotel.