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The year 2019 comes with one thought in the field of web design: performance. We will see that since 2016 the responsive mode for mobile phones has become the main element in front of the desktop version, the innovation in terms of graphics and functionality is in full swing. Functions previously unknown to the desktop version make the internet on the phone a fantastic experience for users. So you need to know how to start affiliate marketing also.

We already notice that web design is high in art, that the visited pages have an impeccable upload speed, that the page design is light and simple. The element of “shine” disappeared, and we say it in a good sense. Even the images used are old-school. It all comes down to one purpose: increasing conversion. The graphic elements are no longer used only to give a cool note to the site, they actively contribute to the transmission of a message and easily illustrate what the presented product/service offers.

The Last year Options

how to start affiliate marketing

In 2018 we have already noticed the tendency towards clean, simple. Minimalism will be brought to a completely different level in 2019.

When we talk about the content of the site it is inevitable not to talk about the art of writing. Yes, we wrote correctly, the art of writing. The font families presently offer both the developer and the visitor the opportunity to already create the image of a product. meaning there are resources in this branch that can easily replace an image.

This trend offers a much more pleasant experience due to the speed of loading the site, compared to the variant of presentation on the site through images or modern buttons that, graphically, load the site and decrease performance.

Facebook is a destination

Although there is a current (in which we also found a period) according to which it transmits only a digital marketing message and not a site, Facebook becomes that. Facebook developers have brought functionalities and content that can be found on business sites.

Facebook is fighting to become the main destination, offering a blog platform, review, live chat with customers, live streaming. Indeed, we must acknowledge that more and more people, potential customers, are finding your business on Facebook. There may not be much on the site but on Facebook there are high chances of contacting you by phone, writing a message and then becoming a potential supplier of products or services.

The site is no longer the main target when building the image of your business on Facebook. But that does not mean that the site disappears. The general concept of people looking for reliable companies means that they will carefully study every element of information made available to them. The main point of attraction of potential customers is currently Facebook, but always a well-realized and always kept the site in trends, from the point of view of the content, it will represent a good image in front of them, it should not be ignored.

  • Securing sites is no longer a trend. it is a necessity.

Hacking reached very high levels in 2018. We have all seen what damage can be caused and this is already reaching simultaneously business and personal life on a global level, not just locally. Hacking has become an art for those who practice it.

The need to activate such an element on sites is already being promoted with great concern. Google has announced for some time already that indexing will be greatly influenced by this criterion. The message reached to the visitors is becoming clearer: can I download from the site safely, the contact form is a safe one? Can your site affect the visitor’s device? At least for sites that involve online transactions, banking, shopping, HTTPS order forms is a standard. But in a very short time, the security certificate will be a determining element in the results coming from the visitors of your site.

Are you ready? Can your site meet 2019?

As I wrote before, an up-to-date site can worryingly slow down conversion. Upgrading the site in terms of functionality and utility can lead to the loss of the visitor’s level of trust regarding your business.