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We have all called a prospect or customer in a noisy workplace. You have to hang on to hear and understand what we are told on the phone. Addressing a complex subject when there is too much noise around? Ask our interlocutor to repeat? When you make a call in the middle of an agitated Open Space, it is sometimes difficult not to lose your calm or your concentration. The use of the office pod comes up perfectly here now.

An all-out solution exists in the office furniture market: the phone box also called acoustic office cabins. In 2019, more than ever, the flagship trend of office furnishings is the acoustic comfort of employees. This is of course due to the new trend of the telephone box, or acoustic booths, very appreciated by companies and architects who wish to improve the working conditions of the employees, by allowing the employees to work in the calm, the time of a meeting. A phone box is an acoustic furniture product ideal for isolating yourself and making phone calls in peace.

Closed acoustic cabin to be placed simply in your premises

office pod

This professional phone box model is the most sought after and appreciated by companies and co-working spaces. Its vertical structure closely resembles a telephone booth. This acoustic booth is closed to preserve the confidentiality of exchanges and effectively cut the noise of the Open Space. You can place this type of acoustic cabin wherever you want: in an Open Space, in a corridor, in a recess little used.

The advantages of a closed phone box:

You effectively isolate yourself from noise: all noise from outside the closed phone box is filtered. And everything you say inside cannot be heard outside either: privacy preserved. You are completely cut off from the rest of the world with such an acoustic cabin for the office.

This model is practical and compact: the size of a closed phone box is generally compact and suitable for limited areas. For example, the professional phone box Seat Box that offers on Be My Desk, has a width of 110 cm, a height of 185 cm less than 2 meters and a depth of only 95 cm. For companies with small spaces, a soundproof acoustic cabin like this is an ideal acoustic product.

The disadvantages of a closed phone box:

The comfort and the built-in furniture vary according to the models: some phone box models are designed to make quick calls away from the noise. If your goal is to allow employees to make longer calls, to have a computer in front of you, to take notes, you must check that the acoustic booth chosen has built-in furniture: for example, a seat, a modular tablet to put his computer and electrical connections to load his devices.

Visual discretion: you are isolated from the ambient noise, but you are not cut off from other employees’ eyes. Generally, acoustic closed cabins are glazed. But the transparency of the windows is also the way to not suffer from space too small.

An acoustic cabin like a real room in its own right, for better sound insulation unlike the first model, this is a closed phone box arranged as a full-fledged room in business premises. This type of acoustic cabin includes a table and chairs, all surrounded by glass partitions filtering the decibels on either side of the closed structure.