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You can add NPCs to dynamic objects. In the “White Garden”, the village at the very beginning of the “The Witcher”, life is in full swing women wash clothes, children rush around and play with each other, old people light pipes on the bench, men beat their faces in the tavern. This, of course, is a completely different level of a dynamic environment, requiring a significant investment of energy. This is true for the warcraft classic Powerleveling in https://cakeboost.com here.

Fog like color grading


A very interesting trick: the fog not only has a significant effect on the atmosphere and the credibility of the level, but it is also an excellent color grading tool. Moreover, on mobile devices this is the cheapest method of color correction.

In game, experts implemented the simplest tool that smoothly changes the fog when the hero enters the trigger. The simplest example: a player runs through a cozy sunny canyon with blue fog. When he enters the cave where the thugs lair has set up, the fog turns blood red, maintaining an uncomfortable atmosphere of danger.

To finally convince you of the power of this tool, compare the screenshots from the indie game experts are working on because of the fog, the first looks like a slightly cloudy day, and the second looks like a sandstorm. In the available online pictures, you can see a very light fog, barely noticeable. But even with this approach, the difference in shade is obvious.

There is a pitfall:

You need to choose the right type of fog for example, ex-ponentional squared in Unity is usually the best for this task and density so that the fog does not blur the textures and they do not lose contrast.

Returning to the atmosphere

Next are screenshots from Crysis 3. As you can see, the space on the top is compressed. It seems that the houses are very close to the player. In the lower picture, a neatly selected fog visually expands the space, pushing the houses into the depths.

Lighting is love, lighting is life

Lighting is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Experts strongly recommend that you devote enough time and energy to this. Instead of a thousand words:

Even simple geometry with simple textures takes on an adequate form when lighting comes into play. Through light we transmit not only technical information such as time of day and weather but also mood. Accurate work with light allows you to fine-tune the atmosphere. Just imagine bright sunlight. At one end of the spectrum, you will have the harsh, merciless sun of a dead desert. At the other end is a happy soft summer sun, as in the anime about Tokyo schoolchildren’s first love.

How to achieve the desired lighting effect?

Art and experience, of course, you have no ready-made recipe but this is lyrics. Experts want to share one more practical trick: it is critically important to have variations in the color of lighting. Follow the logic, but do not forget about creativity. If you put light sources only where the lamps stand, the result will be callous and boring. At the same time, even a small color variation from light makes the level visually more attractive.