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In order to choose stickers, you need to answer a few simple questions. A visit to https://www.joom.com/de makes happens to be useful.

What is the purpose of using wall stickers?

The design of the chosen sticker directly depends on which room you are going to place it in. Many stickers are intended for the general public and some solely so that only the closest people can see them. In the event that you choose a sticker for the living room, it should not be very flashy. As for the second case, then your imagination is not limited by anything you can choose stickers of any design without worrying about the opinions of others.

Where will the stickers be used?


Today, there are stickers that can be placed on the ceiling, on the walls, on mirrors or on a wooden surface. The choice of design depends directly on your imagination and the goals that you pursue by placing a sticker at home. For your convenience, we have created a special section on rooms, where there is a selection of stickers suitable for a particular room in your house.

Is the exact location of the sticker determined?

After the choice of place is made, you need to understand that there are stickers that are quite problematic to re-stick for example, stickers from our Elite collection. If you are not ready for the fact that your sticker will be in this or that place for several years and you know that you most likely want to change its location, it is better to choose stickers that can be re-glued these decorative stickers will not lose their adhesive qualities on during 5-10 re-sticking depending on the surface.

Does the sticker match your home design?

Maybe you wanted to buy this or that sticker just because you liked how it looks in the house of your friends. Do not rush to the choice – take this moment seriously, because a sticker in the style of pop art is unlikely to be able to look harmoniously in the interior of an oriental theme.

How to determine the size of the sticker?

To make the sticker look spectacular, turn on your imagination and imagine which size is right for your room. Large stickers in a small room are likely to “eat up” your space, while small ones, on the contrary, will be “lost” in a huge room. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the sizes according to the situation.

How to choose a sticker color?

It all depends on the design of the room, as well as on the effect that you would like to achieve. You need to understand that the choice of colors is one of the main points that create a single picture of the interior. On-site you can choose the color of the sticker and the color of the surface on which you intend to put the sticker this function will allow you to choose the most advantageous color scheme.

In everyday life, you can often find stickers on various products. All at least once yes colored stickers were pasted in the notebook. You can print on adhesive paper absolutely any image: drawing, barcode, product price, composition, company name of the manufacturer. Such stickers are easy to use and manufacture.