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Virtual Amazing Race will be a great way to travel to some interesting and exotic locations in the whole world. Any people can take part in this online virtual travel just with the proper registration. The travel will be made more simple from their living place itself without making larger efforts. This virtual travel will be more interesting with a lot of challenges and games while traveling to destinations. The travel will involve many people and they will be divided as separate teams. The making teams will arrange all the plans and schedule the travel properly. Virtual Amazing Race Singapore has made a unique travel experience possible through some virtual meetings.

Amazing Race

One who wishes to travel can give the email address and ask for the registration process. In case if the registration is accepted by the making teams then the participants can join the travel. Each participant will receive an authorized mail from the making teams with the travel links. This mail is an invitation for the travel and it will also have some guidelines for taking part in the travel. There will be many members of the travel and they will be connected in real-time for solving the given cryptic clues to reach the destination. The cryptic clues will lead the team to some famous sites of various cities and countries.

This online travel needs participants to download programs such as Google Erath or Zoom meetings. The mail sent by the making teams will have mentioned the program which has to be installed for the meeting. After receiving the mail, one has to download the exact program mentioned and complete the installation process. The program must be installed properly and the participant can check it twice for avoiding any problems during the travel. The travel period will be just 3 to 4 hours and within this limited time, one can have a different exciting experience. The participants of this travel can be only 50 and should not exceed further.

Win the Virtual Travel Game:

The teams will be divided equally as per the total member of participants involved in the travel. The team members will be given certain challenges and tasks which have to be performed by the participants. The tasks are mandatory and it should be performed well to reach the final destination of the travel. The team members have to perform well in each task within the allotted time. There will be a host traveling along with the members for guiding them and giving instructions. The host will join all the teams together in this travel and aid the travelers to reach their destination.

The host is responsible for conducting virtual challenges and choosing the winner. The team has to perform well within the mentioned time and be in a leading position among the other teams for winning the game. The participants of the game have a great learning experience along with the travel. The combination of travel and games makes the experience thrilling and interesting. One can enjoy this beautiful virtual amazing race experience with the desired members.