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Craftsmanship is the product of a craftsman’s work using simple, small-scale tools and performing all stages of production: from design to final workpiece finishing. Unlike industrial products, handicraft has a strong identity because it has unique characteristics. Examples of crafts: paintings (ceramic, wood, glass, metal), patchwork, biscuit, weaving, among many other examples. With the cutting dies you can make the best scrapbooks you want to make now. This happens to be a very important matter and that is the reason that you can have the best out of it now.

Crafts: A Sustainable Product

Valuing local crafts is a sustainable attitude: it encourages the use of local materials such as natural fibers and clay, recycling and the employment of many people social inclusion and more income. It is a product of popular culture and directly linked to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Products made from golden grass and solid wood.

Crafts in Decoration: a Current Trend

Handmade pieces bring personality to the decoration. It can be used in conjunction with other design pieces, giving life and style to environments. By contrast with other elements such as white lacquered furniture, they create interesting effects and stimulate the senses.

Crafts are a trend of current decoration:

  • It is linked to the idea of recycling and reinventing.
  • Uses native raw material ecology or sustainability.
  • It is directly related to popular culture.
  • Strongly stimulates the senses.

Craft without Prejudice environment uses handmade pieces in its decoration.

How to Use Crafts in Decoration?

The colors and textures of craftsmanship break the rigidity of straight furniture, bringing warmth and warmth to the environments.

Check out some ideas and tips for your decoration:

Mandalas: Ideally create compositions using 2 or 3 objects. They can be fixed in the horizontal, vertical or even loose position creating a different volume. It can be used in entrance halls, living and dining rooms, kitchens and offices.

Panels and Frames: If you choose a large and horizontal panel, you should choose only one work, as it will be the focal point of the environment. If they are smaller objects, you can create compositions by forming a larger figure which will also be a focal point of decorative interest.

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Where to use?

Bedrooms behind the bed, dining rooms on the main wall of the dining table or on the sideboard wall, living rooms behind the couch and offices on a prominent wall that can be seen from the door main access.

Textile Crafts: Colorful cushions add warmth and life to the environment. They serve as head, foot and back support. It can be used in living rooms, TV rooms and bedrooms.

Wood Crafts: Pots serve snacks and bowls can be used as a fruit or for serving.

Examples of Wood Crafts: Sculptures and Housewares.

Ceramics: can be decorative or utilitarian. It is a delicate and charming element. It goes back to the past and generates a feeling of comfort and home well-being. Cumbucas, anti-humidity salt shaker and ceramic jar.

Decorating Ideas

Inserting crafts into the decoration is not a difficult task, but it requires attention and sensitivity. Check out some projects that should be highlighted.