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Zuma is similar to a bubble shooting game. You need to create large enough groups of the same colored balls to remove them from the board. Several Zuma games come out every year, so it is quite difficult to easily navigate the market and find better pieces. We will try to help with this and evaluate the game called Zuma Kangaroo. As the name suggests, we will meet the kangaroo in the lead role. And about how it is played at all, whether it looks hopeful and makes sense to play, we will write a little in the next two paragraphs. With the dota boost service you can now find the best winning options easily.

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The Preparation

The authors have prepared a huge portion of levels for the players – in total, you can look forward to forty interestingly prepared levels where you can enjoy yourself. Surely you do not have to describe that the higher the level, the higher the difficulty. In the beginning, you have a relatively easy job, but in the last levels, you will really turn around to manage the game successfully. As soon as you start the first level, a kangaroo and lots of balls appear. Your task is to hit the same colored balls and create groups of at least three balls of the same color, which remove them from the board and get points to the account. The kangaroo always has more balls in its stock, which can be manipulated in various ways, so you can decide which of the colors you prefer. Just press the spacebar to change the balls.

  • You will prove accuracy, estimation and logical thinking because sometimes you have to think really well where the ball would fit more. The balls advance along a predetermined route and you must not let them reach the end. In addition to ordinary balls, you will find other bonus balls. Each of the bonus balls can do something different, which you can find in the menu or try it yourself in the game. The game is controlled in combination. Shoot and aim with the help of the mouse, but to change the balls use the space bar on the keyboard. As you get to the next stages, you get the chance to dispose of new colors, because at the beginning you have only a few of them, so that the game is not too difficult for new players, or for those who need to become familiar with the controls. The routes on which the balls arrive are also changing.

Enjoy the progressive music sound from the kangaroo splash screen. In addition to the music, you can listen to other sounds, for example when selecting a level in the menu. Visually Zuma Kangaroo definitely does not excel. Kangaroos can sometimes be mistaken for a rabbit, and even the rest of the environment does not look breathtaking. So the game must probably have strengths elsewhere. We can find them in the mentioned number of levels, where forty is a relatively decent number.

The Management

The authors managed to fine-tune the difficulty quite well, so you cannot complain about exaggerated claims from the beginning and later on the more difficult difficulty can be expected. The gameplay is not bad, but it is general for all similar Zuma games. The authors do not bring any innovations to the game, we have already seen a number of similar variations. As a result, Zuma Kangaroo cannot earn any bonus points, that would differentiate it from similar games, and therefore rank among the average of the genre. So you can try kangaroo games, but you probably won’t last too long.