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Normally, the USB flash drives easily get damaged or corrupt due to various reasons. Possibly, you can repair your USB drive if have a basic knowledge. Generally, the windows chkdsk can fix the issues on your disk from a command line. After that, you can make use of free data recovery software, so you can easily receive your files back from the failed pen drive without even losing files. Normally, the pen drives, USB flash drives can easily get a virus or just result in the device failure, because of a virus attack, hardware malfunction, improper shutdown and file system corruption and many more you may do without your knowledge. In such a case, you can make use of the best flash drive repair software to fix the issue and recover the data from a failed pen drive for free, and you need to do just a few steps.

flash drive repair

When you search USB flash drive on Google, you can simply discover a larger number of hard drive repair tools that are able to repair the pen drives as well as recover data. Also, a few of those tools actually work well, and they advertise. Most of the software can only scan or simply discover some current data on the corrupted device. In order to completely resolve the USB corrupt error, you will require some third party repair software. You can also use chkdsk to repair this drive and then turn to strong hard drive data recovery software to obtain your entire data back. The procedure to repair a failed or corrupted USB without data loss is including the following:

  • The initial step is to check the disk and then fix its errors. After that, you can make use of the data recovery software to recover any inaccessible or missing data.
  • Pen drive/ USB repair tool- CHKDSK utility
  • Recover data from the USB flash drive with ease US data recovery software

Main causes for a USB flash drive failure

Basically, the repair of a USB flash drive has its own characteristics. Before fixing the failure USB flash drive, you should know its main causes of failure that include:

  • After connecting a USB flash drive, the led on its body will not lit
  • The device cannot be renowned on another laptop/ computer

It is extremely very simple to hurt the USB flash drive. As like any physical device, the flash memory can be a subject to the external influences such as ingress of water, strikes and thermal effects. Along with this, there are a lot of software errors; because of your USB flash drive can be out of order.

How to repair USB flash drives?

When your flash drive is corrupted, you are no longer to access data in the flash drive partition. In this case, it is essential to have the flash drive repair and rectify the problem as soon as possible. When you repair the USB flash drives, you must strictly follow the procedure properly and do not even miss the single step.