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The dog owners need to give the healthy and protein foods for their dogs, and it protects from the diseases, keratin is a type of protein, and this helps in the growth of the hair, feathers, beaks and claws of the animals. In general canine hyperkeratosis is a kind of the skin disease that is caused in most of the animals when the animal’s body produces the keratin protein in an excessive manner. In most of the cases, this disease is caused particularly in the parts of the paw pads or nose area of the dog were causing the skin to harden and thickening and even sometimes it leads to the cracking of the bone, thus by leading the way to the severe infections in the dog. The click here is a progressive issue which often appears in a gradual manner, and it can be the source of discomfort for the dog.

hyperkeratosis dog nose

The canine hyperkeratosis lesions disease mainly affects the paw pads and nose area of the dog where this disease occurs rarely in other parts of the dog body that includes the skin of the stomach, calluses, friction areas, edges of the ears etc. Once if the dog is affected with this skin disease then their nose sizes get thicken, loses the pigmentation and in some cases, this develops a crust and makes the dog skin a rough appearance and dry. When this skin disease gets severe in a dogs body, then the skin of the dog gets crack in some cases where this will leads to the bleeding of blood from the dog’s body.

How to manage the hyperkeratosis disease in a dog’s body

  • When the dog is affected with this disease, then you can just identify it with the symptom that the paw pads of the dog get rougher, thicker and in some cases, it also becomes harder.
  • When the dog gets the frequent cracking and local inflammation then it becomes painful one for dogs and causes the limping problem.
  • In order to manage the hyperkeratosis lesions then the veterinarian first identifies or looks for some kinds of underlying possibilities in order to treat the disease in a specific manner.
  • Similarly, if this hyperkeratosis disease affects the dog’s health, then an antibiotic kind of treatment is prescribed at the initial stage. However, the first and foremost treatment should be provided to make the dog to feel comfortable, and the treatment must improve the appearance of the paw pads and nose area of the dog.

If your dog is infected with this hyperkeratosis dog nose skin disease then just by using the emollient ointments you can locally formulate the disease where this will soften and thicken the affected area and improves the skin to recover flexibility. In which the nose products ointment are chosen in such a way that there is a rapid safety and penetration so that the antibiotic ointment will cure the skin disease of the dog and makes the dog nose to look normal.