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dating apps

Online dating is just a tool for a way to meet potential dates. Internet shapes the new generation to force into dates. Some dating apps made the remote connection for dates such as Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other applications. In this modern world, most people use smartphones apps like Grindr, bumble, or Tinder that allow each user to accept or reject another user with just a single swipe. Some issues are around that algorithm for matchmaking are imperfect and chances of use by the partner are very difficult. On the other side, the availability and speed of technology that determines the character of couples to make their relationship long-term and meaningfully and replacing the partner are very easy while using such apps. Some people dating more often and they don’t know their partner well and there is a chance of violence including rapes. In recent research, 10% chance of violence between students who date with a boyfriend and girlfriend, sometimes it leads to high violence also that not be inappropriate period. In a 2005 report, 20% of high school girls between 14-18 age were hit, shoved, slapped, or forced into sexual activity. This violence does not happen in just one culture or religion or group, it happens all over the world. From the point of adults, there will be many ups and downs in online dating. Today, 5 out of 10 people start a relationship online and once they meet they admit then they reduce online dating. Till now itself there is a lot of things that get complicated and emotionally charged over many years. In online dating, there is much-hidden conflict information around the world. There are many merits and demerits in online dating


With the help of dating app only we can find people who meet outside of the social network. People with similar core values, interests, faith, backgrounds can meet more and more. It offers more confidentiality and privacy. Easier to meet the standard while compared to other ways. Some dating methods are safer and more convenient for people. Some scientific online dating doesn’t come with some fool formula for connection at the same time it offers some protection to guard against making poor choices.


In this online dating, half of the users report a concern about most of them misrepresenting themselves. Every user hides its information about themselves and no one knows another user’s Teri character. Most of them don’t tell it’s personal information to others. Distance makes it difficult for physical closeness. Speed of online relationship was not sure who you are seeing who they really are and have to know every personal experience. Most of the online dating users never met any user face to face as a result of efforts, money, and time. Interaction with users must be careful without any risk or time commitment. Some busy professionals or safety conscious have awesome communication is the best way to treat our potential partners. Every dating apps have some merits and demerits. It depends upon the person’s point of view. People have a different mindset to approach dating.