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The head posture is very important because it will determine whether the arrow will hit the target or not. Each change in head posture will have a huge undesirable effect with archery tag singapore price .

The reason is simple.

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When using the crosshairs, the reference points must be the same with each shot. If these points are different all the time the sight will never be adjusted properly. We read that we must first inhale, and lower our chin.

Why lower your chin?

Very simple, if you stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself you will notice that you are not straight, but keep your head tilted back a little and your chin a little high. Now, looking in the mirror try to straighten your body and look directly into your eyes. Now you will notice that your chin has to go down for you to look straight, this causes a certain tension in the back of your neck. This is the norm because the muscles in the back of your neck are a little stunted because of a few exercises and a lot of tension.

With your head now straight you turn it to the side, if you are right-handed to the left side and look over your left shoulder if you are left-handed the other way around. If you do everything right, your chin is low. Now if you didn’t look straight and you kept your chin high and turned it around, you’ll twist your neck and tilt your head and this is exactly what we want to avoid, twisting the neck and moving the chin laterally.

The aim of the shot is to repeat the same posture in each shot, the better you can repeat the same posture the more accurate your shot will be. Each inclination will change the link between your eye and the sight and will also change the anchor reference thus changing the sight references.

As we can see, the position of your head is very important because it is your head that will serve as a reference point for adjusting the aim. In the drawing below we can see the difference between looking straight and looking at an angle.

The posture

The head is straight and the nape is straight. If you maintain this posture when you turn your head to the side it will turn straight without inclination. In this posture, we have to work fewer muscles and they are able to work with greater constancy.

At the time of practice, you will notice that when we relax our posture, the chin goes up and we don’t actually look straight, but rather eat down with a small bond. When we turn our heads to the side, we not only raise the chin unnecessarily, but we tilt the head, and it is this inclination that makes the shot fatal because it is never repeatedly repeated. It is evident that there are exceptions due to certain muscular problems or other reasons, which prevent the archer from maintaining an upright posture, but that is not why we should not train this posture.

The main problems that affect the body are bursitis, tendonitis, impact injury and patella. Of the aforementioned injuries that can occur are bursitis and tendonitis, especially due to the wrong posture and because of an exaggerated arch power.