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The UK government has made all its licenses, road and traffic rules under Road and traffic act 1988. This driving license sector is commonly called DVLA- driver and vehicle licensing agency under this all the road and traffic sectors are maintained by the government. Under this sector there are many other sectors are performing their work for road and traffic management. This driving license is initially issued by postal in the early days and by now it comes under both postal and online it can be chosen by the applier who applies for a license.

The person who wants to buy real uk drivers license they have to follow the proper instructions which the government gives. Once the person completes the age of 16 they are allowed to drive and apply the motorcycle, after the age of 17 the person is allowed to drive and apply the car.

Structure of the license :

The UK driving license is in pink color. They provide both paper format and card format license people should carry both the license while they drive. The driving license contains 16 digits the digits which represent are 1 – 5 surname, 6 – the decade of the applier’s birth [ex: 2023 ‘2’], 7 – 8 birth month, 9 – 10 date which the applier born, 11 – end of the applier’s birth year [ex: 2023 ‘3’], 12 – 13 initials, 14- 9 future use, 15-16 to complete check digits.

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The person who needs a license should take the tests first theory test where there are lots of questions based on the traffic rules some apps providing mock test apps like aaa.website, driving theory test 4 in 1 kit. After clearing the theory test it will be valid for two years. Within that period one should take the practical test also. The person who clears the theory test and failed to take the practical test within two years then the theory test consider as invalid.

One can book the test through DVLA and if under some condition the person could not able to take the test, and want to cancel the appointment, the prior information should be addressed to the DVLA before three working days. The driving license fee is about fifty pounds.

In the theory, the questions are under multiple-choice and hazard perception the minimum pass has fixed by the government. To change the test application one needs to contact DVSA – driver vehicle standard agency. After clearing theory the practical test in which the applier should drive the car under the instruction of the examiner like traffic controlling, parallel parks, sharing roads, road lings, etc. If the driving is clear then the applier can get the license within two weeks of their test. While the result is in fail condition then the person should wait for three days to take the next test. One should provide all the respected pieces of information like personal details and verification details to the DVLA after clearing all the tests. If a person lost the driving license then the person should apply for the duplicate license within fifteen days and with that application one can drive the vehicle.