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Vanilla prepaid cards are the ideal one for any occasion, it is easy to use and this card gives freedom to the recipients to decide what to get with this card and where to use it. The vanilla prepaid debit card is a card that is available for purchase at WalMart Canada stores and now this card can be used in millions of places where the vanilla debit card is accepted even by online merchants and on retail stores. The one vanilla prepaid debit card allows you to add any amount of money from $20 to $500 into your account and you can use this card anywhere at any time. If you are in need of checking your one vanilla prepaid card balance then you can just visit the http://checkonevanilla-balance.net where just by entering your card details you can check onevanilla balance in short span of time. You must also take into account that this one vanilla prepaid debit card is not a rechargeable card where this is a prepaid card that is similar to the gift card with an amount of money determined by you and following are some of the benefits of having this prepaid debit card and they are,

  • You can use this card for paying the bills in stores and in which this card can be used both credit and debit cards with the registering PIN
  • By using onevanilla prepaid debit card you can make a purchase on online without fear of being overloaded.
  • You can manage the budget of your vanilla prepaid debit card
  • With the help of this prepaid debit card you can control the expenses of your daughter or son for example if you have thought that your son/daughter is in charge of making a purchase for their birthday better you can recharge this prepaid card with a certain amount of money so that you can avoid extra charges.

In addition to the above advantages, you can also get another one benefit that is, in the case when you lose your prepaid debit card then you can get a new card with the funds that you have in your prepaid debit card at the time of losing your card.

Ways for checking the balance of your vanilla prepaid card

check onevanilla balance

In order to check onevanilla balance on the online portal first you need to have the access from your service provider when you don’t have the access then you cannot view or check the balance of your prepaid debit card. If this is the case then there is another option which you can use for checking the balance of your one vanilla prepaid debit card just by contacting the one vanilla prepaid debit card customer care service where they will help you out to know the balance. You can also make shopping or purchase beyond your prepaid debit card balance in which you can pay the bill in two ways where you can pay the amount through debit card and the remaining amount can be paid later where this service is supported by the one vanilla prepaid debit card service provider.